Taking a Look at TOROE Eyewear’s Continued Success with TxtCart

Implementing non-traditional marketing efforts via
SMS channels to broaden the scope of customer outreach.

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The Challenge

Aid TOROE Eyewear with implementing SMS marketing methods to not only capture more “lost” sales, but create more brand awareness and loyalty.

The Outcome

In a matter of eight months, 800+ orders recovered, $55,000 in recovered sales, and a 63% conversion rate.

TOROE Eyewear

TOROE Eyewear is a breakout company out of Los Angeles, California that is disrupting the sunglasses industry with stylish and extremely durable sunglasses that do not come up short in terms of quality. An emphasis on a great selection of styles paired with an unbeatable warranty has made TOROE Eyewear who they are today.

What Challenges Were You Having Prior to Using TxtCart?

The team at TOROE Eyewear had seen enough of the ever-so-common issue of abandoned carts that seems to plague most e-commerce brands we know and love. The nagging thought that there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of lost sales that have been left on the table was enough of a push for the team to start thinking about alternative methods of customer outreach.

Why TxtCart?

TOROE Eyewear knew that there was a need to bring on TxtCart’s SMS marketing to fill in those gaps that traditional email marketing leaves behind. Even with a large social media presence and alongside various other forms of marketing, the team decided that their work was not quite done. TxtCart’s easy plug-and-play approach to SMS marketing made it a no brainer for them.

TOROE Eyewear + TxtCart

Like most stores, there were initially a lot of questions about the validity of SMS marketing and wondering if it would work for their store/brand. After spending 10-15 minutes completing the simple onboarding process, TOROE Eyewear began to see the recovered sales roll in. Txtcart delivered a simple yet effective way to recapture $5,000-$7,000 in those abandoned sales with no end in sight. The team plans to use TxtCart’s campaign system alongside the abandoned cart recovery platform to really squeeze every drop out of the platform.

“Hands down, the best SMS marketing app that I have used thus far. The sheer amount of money that it has generated us over just a short period of time is phenomenal. It allows us to scale our advertising with the profits it generates and has been extremely user friendly to set up. The TxtCart Team is beyond friendly and their customer service is top-notch. I hope you guys stay the same! Keep growing.”

Walter, TOROE Eyewear

Recover more than 33% of your abandoned carts with conversational SMS marketing using TxtCart.