20+ Free SMS Templates for Back to School Marketing Campaigns

sms templates for back to school marketing
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It’s almost back to school time! A time that’s exciting for students, teachers, parents, and those working in schools. As it is for brands – it’s an attractive opportunity for online stores to run back to school marketing campaigns.

Do you sell school essentials in your online store? If yes, this is a good time to start back to school promotions and marketing campaigns.

But wait…

Are your campaigns restricted to email, web, and social media? What about SMS? If you’re keeping SMS out of it, you’re missing out big time.

Here’s why.

Back to school marketing for your Shopify store

Let’s look into why businesses across the globe are getting geared up to plan for the back to school period. We’re also including some SMS marketing templates to help you get started with a campaign of your own!

It’s time to shoot up back to school sales!

Here are some statistics you need to consider:

  • Studies show that parents shopping for school supplies via mobile device will spend more money than those shopping via desktop or in person.
  • Among the top selling back to school items will be clothing, accessories, stationery, electronics, shoes, and school supplies.
  • The typical parent will spend an average of $100 to $500. 63% of parents fall in this category.
  • Most back to school marketing campaigns begin in July and August, a couple of weeks to months in advance of schools restarting.
  • Shoppers tend to look for deals in these months with product discovery and browsing behavior strongly focused via mobile.

Tips to make the most of your back-to-school SMS campaign

Time your SMS schedule correctly

Don’t wait till schools and colleges reopen. Plan your back-to-school SMS marketing campaigns much in advance so you can start your promotions a couple of months or at least weeks before the schools and colleges reopen.

Reason: Time spent on mobiles is rising in 2021. Moreover, the fact that it’s always with consumers makes it an ideal opportunity for your store to ensure consistent sales. But of course, with consistent efforts.

Parents of school students, college students, teachers and professors plan in advance so that they’re ready for the D-day. Hence, your store must schedule the SMS campaigns accordingly.

Make your offers tempting

Now, with most brick-and-mortar stores transformed to their new online avataars, get ready for some tough competition. If you want to have a competitive edge, make your SMS marketing campaigns smart. Offer discounts and deals to entice consumers, and always follow up to remind them!

Here are some ways to do so:

1. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

It’s a new academic year, a new beginning and parents, teachers, and students are pumped up to do their best. This includes, preparing with the best things, as well. They don’t want to miss out on anything that’s good. Studies show that 60% of consumers make reactive purchases based on FOMO. So why not use it in your campaign?

Use FOMO in SMS marketing:

  • Find a way to share via SMS what others are buying
  • Promote best selling, top rated items
  • Show stock levels running out or a clock ticking
  • Limit free shipping offers
  • Offer time-sensitive discounts

2. Upsell and cross-sell

Offer more than what shoppers might be looking for. For example, if shoppers are looking for school bags, how about you offer them gadgets and accessories, too? When you show customers that you’re trying to make their shopping easier by recommendations, they get a feeling that you care to understand their needs.

The result: better customer experience and improved sales.

Craft your SMS smartly

SMS has a word and character limit. This might make it difficult for you to share all the information that you want to share. Moreover, you don’t want to come across as a spammy brand that keeps sending multiple SMSes. And so, you’ll have to craft your SMS copy smartly.

Remember these important factors:

  • Address subscriber with first name
  • Include your store name
  • Include your store URL
  • Share the offer clearly
  • Keep the copy short and clear
  • Never forget the call to action (CTA)
  • Keep copy within character limit

Implement a two-way campaign

Remember, there are a lot of parents and students who’d need a little assistance in making the right purchase.

Everyone’s running one-way automated SMS marketing campaigns to promote their deals. You can do better!

With a Shopify SMS marketing app like TxtCart, you can talk to subscribers who reply to your marketing campaigns. Engage them in conversations, help them make an informed purchase decision and see how the engagement leads to more conversions.

Set up a two-way SMS marketing campaign on your Shopify store with TxtCart.

24 SMS templates for your Shopify store’s back to school marketing campaign

We’re including Shopify SMS marketing templates for a few industries here. But of course, back to school marketing opportunities aren’t just restricted to them.

Irrespective of what you do and what you sell – a product or a service, you can set up an SMS marketing campaign during this period to get more sales.

Let’s go.

For all school items

SMS template 1

‘Hi Sophie, we’ve put together exciting school offers for your whole family. Enjoy the best discounts for the next 3 days! www.yourstore.com’

SMS template 2

(Store name): Hey (first name), make sure you have all your school essentials packed. Buy all school products at 20% off from www.yourstore.com.’

SMS template 3

‘Hey John, packing your school bag? Head to www.myshop.com to see the checklist we’ve made for you and buy from it to avail 20% off.’


SMS template 1

‘Hi Mat, we know you want to look your best in school. And we made it easy for you. Get 15% off on shirts, pants, and jackets. Use code BTS15 on www.shop.com.’

SMS template 2

(Store name): Hi Mat, Take 20% off on all clothing. Only till August 15. Use code SD20 and save on all your faves on www.shop.com.’

SMS template 3

“See ya later, summer. It’s school time! Our summiest back to school sale ever: up to 40% off on school wear. Use code: Yo!school. www.shop.com.’


SMS template 1

‘You need the right accessories for school. And we have it all! Pamela, shop accessories from our latest collection on www.fashion.com.’

SMS template 2

‘Hey Pamela, the school bell’s about to ring! Our sale ends tonight. Stock up accessories. Order on www.accesorize.com.’

SMS template 3

‘Get ready for the first bell! Shop backpack, lunchbox, water bottles, laptop cases, etc. at 20% discount and free shipping only this weekend. www.shop.com’


SMS template 1

‘PShoes Alerts: For the #shoelover in you! PShoes introduces the Get Back To School collection. Head to pshoes.com to shop. Reply STOP to stop.’

SMS template 2

‘It’s school time, Sophie. As a special gift from us, we’ve added a $15 credit to your online account. Happy shoe shopping on pshoes.com.

SMS template 3

‘Hi Sophie, school’s reopening and the kids might need comfy shoes. Check out our special back to school collection: pshoes.com. Use code PS10 for 10% off.’


SMS template 1

‘Hey John, it’s time for kids to hit the books! Head to school.com for the new academic year’s books and stationery at a 10% discount.’

SMS template 2

‘BrightStore Alerts: Hey Sophie, we’ve made your kids’ school shopping as easy as ABC. See our stationery checklist brightstore.com. 10% off only today!’

SMS template 3

‘Hey there teacher! Check out our back to school checklist. Avail 10% off on classroom bulletin board, calendar, writing board, chalks & pens, etc: shop.com.’


SMS template 1

‘The school bell’s about to ring! Get ready with cool gadgets from our school collection. Shop: www.stride.com. Use code GET15 for 15% discount.’

SMS template 2

‘GadgetStore Alerts: Hey Sophie, now you can teach smarter in class with the coolest microphones. Use code GET10 for 10% off. gadgetstore.com.’

SMS template 3

‘Avail 10% off across school electronics essentials – calculator, usb flash drive, charger, headphones, etc. on www.shopschool.com.’


SMS template 1

‘Cool teachers make smart choices! Check out our laptop collection. Avail 15% off across the store: www.gadgetstore.com’

SMS template 2

‘Hey Marie, a good teacher never fails to plan better. We’ve done that for you. Shop from our computer gadgets checklist for school teachers. www.gadgetstore.com.’

SMS template 3

‘Hi Max, check out our exclusive student discounts on laptops across brands. Hop to www.smartcomps.com. Items selling out fast.’

COVID-19 safety-related things

SMS template 1

‘Hi Maya, we care for your child’s safety in school. Check our Covid safety checklist and buy masks, gloves, sanitizers at 10% discount. Head to: www.shop.com’

SMS template 2

“We care for you, Sophie. Hope your backpack has extra masks and hand sanitizers. Buy them at 20% discount from www.store.com.’

SMS template 3

‘Scool Shop Alerts: You can still look cool in school with the smartest masks from our back to school collection. Check it out: www.scoolshop.com.’

What’s your back to school SMS marketing strategy?

With the back to school season underway, if your Shopify store hasn’t begun the SMS campaign, you’re sure to get left behind in class. Across the market, brands have been leveraging this crucial time of the year to come up with effective and creative marketing campaigns using the superpower that is SMS.

And we’ve made it easier for you with these SMS templates. Just pick, edit and reuse to fit your Shopify store’s campaigns. What is more, TxtCart will help you do the rest – plan, schedule, automate, etc.

Set up your back to school SMS marketing campaign in minutes.

Install TxtCart today!

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