10 Innovative SMS Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s (and After) to Get More Sales

sms marketing ideas for valentine's

SMS marketing ideas for Valentine’s to give your campaigns more love.

Valentine’s week has begun and so has the marketing game of businesses! 

While every brand out there is going to send our deals and discounts – nothing wrong with that – it’s time for you to rethink how your SMS marketing campaign will stand out. 

To make things easier, we took a look at all the status quo SMS marketing campaigns for Valentine’s week and got our thinking cap to come up with what you can do differently this time! 

SMS marketing ideas for Valentine’s and after 

1. Promote your deals and discounts 

Okay, nothing innovative about this SMS marketing campaign idea for Valentine’s – but it’s a must-have of course. 

Send out an SMS marketing campaign to notify your subscribers and customers about the sale you are running. 

Keep it crisp and make sure you infuse some love into the announcement to keep it on-theme. 

Hey Sara, 

It’s the season of love! 

We’re running a 15% discount on select products on our website and we thought you’d love to check them out. 

Head over to our store to get your loved ones a little token of love. 

2. Promote a Valentine’s collection 

Curate items in your store that tend to see the most amount of sales during Valentine’s and set up a separate collection page for them. 

Then set up an SMS marketing campaign that is targeted at sharing gift ideas with subscribers and customers, linking them straight to that page – which makes them more likely to find what they are looking for, and make the purchase. 

Hey Ben, 

Running out of Valentine’s gift ideas?

Well, we have some for you and there’s a 15% discount on them too. 

Check out our Valentine’s collection today. 

3. Cover the Valentine’s week 

Don’t just create one campaign and set it aside. 

Valentine’s week is celebrated by most demographics and we think that makes for a good reason to reach out to consumers on SMS. 

Create SMS marketing campaigns specific to the days of the week for most impact. 

Hey Jane, 

It’s Hug day today! 

Send your loved ones a virtual hug with a furry coat collection. 

Hey Sara, 

It’s rose day today! 

Gift an eternal rose to your loved one with our evergreen pendants. 

Get 15% off today. 

4. Send timely reminders with benefits 

If you don’t see your subscribers engaging, send out reminders on SMS. 

Keep things simple to jog their memory about the discounts you’re running or the gift items you have on the website – and how they shouldn’t forget showing love! 

Hey Menon, 

Looks like you haven’t got a Valentine’s gift yet! 

Well, there’s still time. 

Get Express Delivery on your gift orders for the next 48 hours. 


5. Recommend gift items

Has the customer purchased from you last Valentine’s? 

Use that data to send out personalized product recommendations that they’re more likely to be interested in. 

But remember to reference their last purchase during this time to improve recall and the experience they had with your brand. 

Hey Kyle, 

Last year you got the evergreen rose pendant from our store! 

Well, how about giving them a matching pair of earrings to go with it this year? 

Get 15% off if you make the purchase today. 

6. Showcase your best sellers 

Sometimes, it takes peer influence to get consumers to make purchases. 

Identify the items that are hot selling in your store and set up an SMS marketing campaign to bring everyone’s attention to them. 

Create FOMO around the products for maximum engagement on the campaign.

Hey Fiona, 

Looks like we have a Valentine’s favorite this year! 

We have received 50+ orders on our evergreen rose collection in just 24 hours. 

Grab a piece before they run out!  

7. Offer shopping assistance 

Sometimes, it takes a little help to get consumers to buy the right Valentine’s gifts for their loved ones – that’s exactly why most people tend to make these purchases from brick and mortar stores during this time. 

But what if you could do this through your SMS marketing campaign too? 

Hey Lara, 

We want to help you find the right Valentine’s gift. 

Would you like us to help you pick the right gift item for your loved one? 

Simply reply to this message with what you’re looking for. 

But to be able to do this, you need an SMS marketing app like TxtCart. TxtCart comes with smart SMS marketing automation workflows, along with a team of live agents that can bring back human touch through to your messages and get more sales through conversations.

Learn more about two-way SMS marketing campaigns here.  

8. Engage the late comers 

If you know, you know. 

There will always be a bunch of us who are forever late to things. Be it work, distractions, travel or simply forgetfulness, a lot of us do forget to celebrate Valentine’s. 

But the good thing is that celebrations are not restricted to Valentine’s week. 

Reach out to customers who did not engage with your Valentine’s week SMS marketing campaigns, with a ‘it’s never too late’ message. Nudge them to celebrate the month of love with you and combine it with a discount to make the deal sweeter. 

Hey Adam, 

Did you forget all about Valentine’s week? 

Well, we did not and it’s never too late to show some love. 

Get a 15% off on our Valentine’s collection this entire month! 

9. Ask for feedback and reviews 

And of course, remember to reach out to your customers from Valentine’s month to seek feedback on the purchases they made. 

Encourage them to share their opinion on the gifts they bought, how they felt about them and what you can do better the next time. 

Maybe even ask them if they’d like to be notified about Valentine’s deals next year too! 

Hey Jane, 

You purchased our top-selling Valentine’s gift hamper. 

We’d love to know if your loved one liked it too? 

Could you spare 2 minutes to give us feedback on the collection. 

10. Get them to follow you on social media 

Don’t end your relationship with customers right after Valentine’s. 

Establish more touchpoints with your customers. 

Set up an SMS marketing campaign that encourages them to follow you on social media. This is a great way to continue engaging them even when you don’t have discounts running – and at the same time, use social influence to make them buy from you. 

Hey Sara, 

We’re so glad you chose to buy from us this Valentine’s! 

Let’s keep the love going, shall we? 

Follow us on Instagram to see all the new products and discounts we’re launching. 

Ready to set up these SMS marketing ideas for Valentine’s? 

Well, you don’t just need an SMS marketing automation app to set up these campaigns. 

To get the most of this season of love, ensure you make the most of marketing automation and human to human marketing.

By helping your customers find the right gift items for Valentine’s and the time after, can up your sales in no time! 

And a little love from you while you run promotions, will go a long way. 

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