Keep your subscription buyers on ReCharge engaged and send reminders to make purchases on text with TxtCart to drive more repeat purchase and reduce drop-offs.

Keep your subscription buyers engaged and prevent drop-offs with ReCharge and TxtCart

More than half of online shoppers are members of subscription box services (54%). But with increasing competition, it’s getting tougher to turn one-time shoppers into subscription buyers and keep them engaged.

ReCharge Payments enables you to set up a subscription and recurring payments on your store, making it easier for shoppers to subscribe, leading to more conversions.

TxtCart makes sure that these customers are kept engaged with conversational SMS marketing by live agents and reminders.

Setting up

Step 1:

Install ReCharge payments to set up your subscription model

Step 2:

Install TxtCart to capture customer information for text marketing

How it works

Step 3:

A customer subscribes to recurring purchases from your store

Step 4:

TxtCart captures contact information and reaches out to them immediately

Step 5:

Live agents start an SMS conversation to keep the shopper engaged throughout their subscription

Step 6:

TxtCart then links the shopper back to checkout to complete the purchase during the subscription with timely reminders

How does the
integration work?

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