Capture SMS subscribers on your OneClickUpsell checkout and recover abandoned carts with conversational text marketing with TxtCart.

Recover abandoned carts on Zipify OneClickUpsell
with TxtCart

No matter how good your offers are, about 69% of your shoppers will abandon carts during checkout.

With Zipify OneClick Upsell, you can optimize your checkout process for higher conversions with an in-built offer page and custom thank you page and capture customer contact information.

TxtCart then uses this information to reach out to cart abandoners, re-engage them with conversations and bring them back to complete the purchase.

Setting up

Step 1:

Install Zipify OneClickUpsell on your store

Step 2:

Install TxtCart to capture customer information for SMS marketing

How it works

Step 3:

A customer abandons their cart on the Zipify OneClickUpsell checkout

Step 4:

TxtCart automatically pulls in their contact information for reach out

Step 5:

Live agents at TxtCart engage these cart abandoners with conversation SMS marketing

Step 6:

Customer comes back to complete the purchase

How does the
integration work?

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