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Great app - super easy to leave yoyur text messaging software on autopilot and our ROIs are crazy! - WH

Chula Beauty

This is a very excellent app for anyone getting into SMS marketing! They keep updating and adding new features. They make everything super user-friendly and easy to use.

Ginger & Honey

New to this app and really excited to see how it goes! Customer service reps are ON POINT!!! Very helpful! The rates are also very affordable for small businesses.


My favourite app for SMS Abandonment recovery. There's more features I haven't explored yet but the way I use it is pretty much set and forget. Highly Recommend.

Linen Mart

Highly recommended, this app is probably one of my favorite so far. I used so many apps in the past and this one is the best!


Good app, I didn't manage to make any sales unfortunately with the app however, I will try it again another time!

Lives Upgrade

i had a question about this app's operation Charlotte was very friendly and helpful i can't wait to start using it when i am ready to start running ads


really helpful app and easily set up and the customer service answered all of my questions in seconds


I would definitely use this over and over again. I recommend everyone who is in search for SMS marketing, we have increase our sales 30% just by using this app Can't recommend this app enough

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