15+ SMS Marketing Templates to Promote Mother’s Day Sales on Your Shopify Store

mother's day sms marketing templates
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SMS marketing templates for your Mother’s Day text campaign. Bookmark these now! 

It comes as a surprise to many when we say Mother’s Day is a major purchasing holiday, especially in the United States. Yes, the pandemic put a brake on people spending quality time with their parents, but that does not mean they cannot send a thoughtful present, mentioning what they think of them. It is the perfect time for businesses to promote their products as well.

One of the ways to approach these shoppers is sending them deals and discounts on your products on email. You could even try making a few social media posts around it.

But, only 4.2% of emails get opened and social posts – well, our feeds are always full of updates from brands we follow, and friends.

On the other hand, SMSes have a whopping 98% open rate and click-through rate of 19%. It not only gets your Mother’s day message read, but according to statistics, 75% of people don’t mind getting these updates either.

What’s more? It is super easy to compose, and you can set up an SMS marketing campaign in minutes for Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day SMS marketing campaign templates

While these templates are here to make your job easier and push out a promotion before its too late, remember to edit them to suit your brand tone. The closer you are to maintaining a message consistency, the higher are the chances of subscribers acting on it!

Here are a few SMS marketing templates you can use for your brand on Mother’s Day.

1. A Simple Greeting

Sometimes, a simple message without a selling agenda can go a long way in establishing a good customer relationship. Just drop in a quick note to your subscribers about the upcoming day!

Template: Dear [Customer Name]! Happy Mother’s Day. We hope you will get to celebrate with your loved one’s today! [Company Name]

2. Appreciation

A lot of times, people are just looking for a tiny bit of appreciation in their lives, even if it comes from brands. If your subscribers are mothers or to-be mothers, maybe send them a little text message to show them you notice all their hard work!

Template: A mom’s work is never done, but it is time to put your feet up and relax, even if it is for a couple of hours. Check out [Site URL] 

3. Give Extra Love

A lot of people love to get more than what they bargained for. And, if you can offer extra stuff for free this Mother’s Day, no matter how small it is, then you must use it as a strategy.

Template: Hey [Customer Name], As a Mother’s Day Offer, [company name] is offering $10 extra on every purchase over $50. To know more, visit [Link]


Hey [Customer Name], As a Mother’s Day Offer, we’d like to offer you FREE shipping on the orders placed in the next 48 hours. [Company name] [Link]

4. Share Resources

Instead of providing a product link, give the customer a link to your blog or a guide. It gives a chance to explain the product, and the customer can choose a product according to their preference. For example, maybe a few gift ideas!

Template: Hello [Customer Name]! Planning to surprise your mom this weekend? Here are some great ideas, she would love: [URL]

5. Create Urgency

Not all your customers are good planners. Make it look like they have less time to act on for Mother’s Day and ensure your offer looks like it might run out any time soon. It is guaranteed to get you more conversions!

Template: Hi [Customer Name]! Get Free shipping on your Mother’s Day gifts when you order within the next 24 hours. [Site URL] 


Hi [Client’s Name], get Mother’s Day Special Deals at [Company Name]. Offer valid only till 10th May. [Link] 


Hey [Customer Name], Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Don’t miss getting a special something for your mom! [Link] 

6. Make it interactive

A GIF or an image has a 15% better engagement than a plain old SMS. That’s why at TxtCart, we encourage Shopify store owners to experiment with MMS – especially on days like Mother’s Day!

Template: [Insert Image/ GIF] Melt your mom’s heart with our carefully curated range of gift ideas to make her feel special. [Site URL] 

7. Personalized Coupon Codes

Go that extra mile and give them a personalized coupon code to entice them to make a Mother’s Day purchase. A little motivation goes a long way and if you can!

Template: Hey [Customer Name] here’s our special offers for Mother’s Day. Use [Customer’s First Name 2021] or [MOM2021] to avail the discount. [Link]

8. Make Fun Puns

Puns are a great way to grab a customer’s attention, especially the witty ones. And well, we can all have some fun around Mother’s Day for sure!

Template: Take a MOM-ent to celebrate Mother’s Day with our special collection. [SITE URL]


To get some MOM-nificent gifts, check out our [SITE URL]

9. Send Reminders

Most of the time, people forget the day until the very last moment, irrespective of whether they care to admit it. But the brand’s reminder can be godsent. So help your subscribers get a timely gift for their mothers.

Template: Make this Mother’s Day a memorable one by treating her with something special. Find, great deals here: [Site Link]


This Mother’s Day, let your mom know how much you value her by sending her something she loves. Shop Now: [Site URL]

10. Segment and Target

Target the sons, daughters, or their moms themselves with specific texts. Going the extra mile based on your subscriber persona can help make your text marketing campaign more relatable. You can do this easily by uploading different segments on TxtCart!

Template: Hey [Customer Name], it’s time to schedule a Mother-Daughter Mani-Pedi-Facial Date at home. Shop for the products here: [Site Link] 


Moms, we see you and we hear you. Put your feet up today, relax, and order a lovely meal-kit from us today! [Link] 


Be the son who does not forget. Get your mom a special something this Mother’s Day! [Link] 

11. Emojis for Emotions

If you want to pull in your millennial crowd, use catchy emojis in your SMS marketing campaigns to make them more engaging. This Mother’s Day, you could actually put so many of them to use!

Template: Hey [First Name] Only a few more days left for Mother’s Day. Grab a perfect gift [use emoji] and make her feel special [use a star emoji] [Link]

12. Upfront Discounts

Keep it plain, simple and put out what you are offering around Mother’s Day in the message.

Template: Hi [Customer Name], save up to 50% on select products in our special Mother’s Day Sale. Shop Away [Site Link]

12. Maintain Secrecy

Unlike the above strategy, this is another way to pique a subscriber’s interest and also get them to buy from you this Mother’s Day.

Template: Hi [Customer Name], let’s surprise your mom this time! We have got a special collection locked away for 48 hours. Check it out. [Site link]

13. Exude Exclusivity

Who doesn’t love “exclusive” stuff? Make this word your center of attraction in the Mother’s Day SMS marketing campaign.

Template: This offer is just for the MOMS out there. Upload a picture with your kid and get special prices on the Mother’s Day Collection by [Site Link]

Don’t wait. Moms want to hear from you!

Despite the slowdown around us, we’re becoming more conscious about how we make our family and friends feel close to one another.

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to reach out to your subscribers, re-engage them and get them to buy from you.

Ready to use one of the SMS marketing templates above for your Mother’s Day Sale?

Set up a one-time Mother’s Day SMS marketing campaign on TxtCart today

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