Grow SMS Marketing. Earn more than just commission

Join the TxtCart Affiliate Program and grow your revenue with recurring monthly commissions.

Join hundreds of affiliates from across the globe using TxtCart.

Content creators, brand owners, marketers, agency owners, influencers, course sellers, online educators and much much more. United on one front, Conversational SMS marketing results for all, while earning themselves a competitive referral commission and elevating themselves as leaders in the industry.

More than just an affiliate marketer. We’re partnered in your success.

We take a very active role in our affiliate marketing relationship. From providing free and paid resources, community and education to help you reach your highest potential when using the platform and spreading the word.

Meet some of our affiliates

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Arie Scherson

Founder of Akemi Agency, esteemed dropshipper and popular Youtuber

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Anthony Eclipse

Owner of Ecom Mafia, and popular YT channel while a successful entrepreneur in ecom

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Sara Finance

Financial literacy and ecommerce guru on YT empowering the youth of tomorrow

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Nathan Nazareth

Rising YT star when it comes to all things making money online and selling

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Franky Shaw

Owner of the Futr Group, with a huge community in the eCommerce world

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Rippy Ant

Co-Founder of Rippy Club with Fritz and leader in the Shopify and TikTok shop space

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TxtCart Affiliate Program?

The TxtCart Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, content creators, agencies and marketers who build, grow, inspire and teach their community/audience about what SMS Marketing is and how to succeed with it on TxtCart. The program is free to join and allows you to monetize your audience/connections and earn recurring commissions from each new referral added.

You will need to have some form of an audience or way to advertise the product, and your affiliate link. For influencers, this can include email blasts, paid ads, plugging TxtCart in your videos, dropping links in communities etc. For agencies, this means using and recommending clients to sign up for the platform.

Yes, absolutely! We do not have any geographical restrictions for eligibility.

Our affiliate program is in partnership with Shoffi. The Shoffi platform manages, tracks and sends payouts once you have signed up, generated referrals and earned a minimum of $100

Commissions start at 15% recurring and can scale up to 30% for preferred partners. You earn 15% on every dollar generated for TxtCart from each referral for 12 months of the install. Minimum $100 in earnings before withdrawal.

Shoffi links up with your PayPal, allowing you to quickly and easily request a payout once the minimum threshold is met.

Become a TxtCart Affiliate Partner