21+ Best Easter SMS Templates for Marketing (2024)

Best Easter SMS Templates

Easter is right around the corner and that brings along with it, a great wave of holiday sales opportunities. One might think that only eggs and chocolate are the only bestsellers of this holiday but the reality is far from it. 

In the U.S. alone people spent around $24 billion on Easter festivities last year!

Easter brings with it a month of potential boost in sales, with the increase in traffic that your store might witness. Besides this, Easter is a great time to reach out to your subscribers and loyal customers and re-engage them with clever and effective holiday SMS campaigns. If you are thinking of gearing up for SMS marketing for Easter, we have a few Eater SMS templates ready for you!

Best SMS templates for Easter to increase sales 

If you are looking to enhance your SMS marketing campaigns for Easter, here are a few engaging easter messages to consider. These include simple Easter SMS templates for greeting customers, as well as sales alerts, promotions, recommendation messages, personalized discount messages and more.

Template 1:

Happy Easter, [NAME}! Season greetings from [COMPANY NAME] to you! May your day be as lovely as you are and thank you for shopping with us!

Template 2:

Greetings [NAME]! This Easter we are wishing you all the happiness and peace to you and your loved ones! We here at [COMPANY NAME] are grateful to have you with us. Happy shopping!

Template 3:

Hello [NAME]! Wishing a very Hoppy Easter from ours to yours! Thanks for being such a wonderful customer. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can ensure that your time with us is as delightful as you are.

Template 4:

Hey [NAME]. Spring is here and so is the best of Easter Deals! Visit our store to get exciting prices on all categories of products with our Spring-cleaning drive. Shop to your heart’s content without traumatizing your wallet!

Template 5:

Hello [NAME]. Looking to hop into the juiciest deals this Easter season. Check out our latest products with the most eggsiting prices ever! You can’t be missing out on all the goodness, so hurry up! [WEBSITE URL]

Template 6:

Our Easter sales just got cracked open for you! We are offering sitewide discounts on all product categories. Celebrate this Easter with the juiciest deals out there! Hurry up before your favorite products run out.

Template 7:

Hoping this Easter brings a lot of delightful treats into your life? Stop the wait and treat yourself! Get up to 40% off on chocolates and Easter special treats on our website. Use the code: [CODE] at checkout to avail the discount.

Template 8:

We hope you have an egg-cellent Easter this year! Share in the festivities with your family with our collection of quality assorted chocolates. Get them for a 25% discount using code [CODE].

Template 9:

Hey there [NAME]! You have been looking for a new [PRODUCT NAME/TYPE] recently. We have some great news. Get your favorite products at a 25% discount on our Spring sale! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Template 10:

Need a break from painting eggs? Go check out our exciting Easter deals. We are offering special prices on everything from chocolates to desserts to gift bundles. Shop now!

Template 11:

Hello [NAME]. Hunting for the best deals this Easter season? Search no more as our fantastic Easter sale starts this week. Save up to 50% on select products. Go check out our collection: [WEBSITE LINK].

Template 12:

Hey [NAME]. Shop our Easter picks with our biggest end-of-season sale. Get delightful discounts on our best sellers. Go check out the website before we run out!

Template 13:

Hey there! This is the Easter Bunny coming to you with some fresh new deals to make your day. Check out our latest arrivals this Easter week while it’s still fresh and fashionable.

Template 14:

Hey [NAME]! It’s time to hop on to all the goodness our store has in store for you. We are offering “Buy 1 Get 1” deals on products under the special Easter Day Sale. The sale ends at midnight so hurry up!

Template 15:

Hello [NAME]. We have some exciting Easter gifts waiting to be won by you. To participate in the giveaway, reply to us with “IN”. For more information: [LINK].

Template 16:

Early Bunnies get the best deals! Our Easter sale is going live in 24 hours so prepare yourself to grab the best deals before someone else does!

Template 17:

[NAME]! Our Easter Flash Sale is here! Get a 30% off on your order by using the code: [CODE]. The sale ends at 00:00 so hurry up!

Template 18:

Hey there [NAME]. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. To thank you for being such a wonderful customer we have something for you. Get an additional discount of 10% on your next order by using the code: [CODE].

Template 19:

Happy Easter [NAME]! Looking for your Easter cookbook? This week, try out something new with our top 5 Easter recipes and share in the warmth, goodness and love with friends and family.

Template 20:

Easter is the season to appreciate your friends and family, and what better way to show love, than through food? Check out our top 7 Easter recipes.

Template 21:

Hey [NAME]! Thinking of gifting your close ones this Easter? Here are a few customizable gift bundle recommendations that you can check out. Visit our store for more.

Template 22:

Happy Easter [NAME]! Thinking of decorating your space to join in on the festive mood? Check out our blog on top Easter-themed home decor ideas!

Best practices to keep in mind for Easter SMS marketing

Here are a few best practices are text message marketing experts recommend following: 

Offer Value

Easter sale season won’t really have an impact if your marketing messages are dry and do not offer any value to the customer. Focusing on sales alone might put off your audiences.

Hence it is advisable that you diversify your content and make your messages more fun. This will add to the appeal of the incentives, offers and deals that you provide. Your goal is to sell, but “boring” is very hard to sell.

Link to blogs that suggest special Easter recipes, share gift ideas and recommend interesting activities to do with family and friends. In short, make the campaign livelier and engage audiences to have the most desirable impact.

Personalize messages

Another crucial factor that can make all the difference in your SMS campaign is the level of personalization you incorporate into it. And this should not remain only to the names of the customers.

Track and learn customer behavior, study their purchase history and based on the pattern, try to recommend relevant products. You can share unique and personalized Easter special discounts as well as personalized recommendations to your subscribers. This way you can make the overall experience more meaningful for the customers.

Plan the whole campaign

Working it out as you go can end up as a disastrous approach when it comes to Holiday marketing campaigns such as Easter. There will be a significant amount of competition trying to make the most out of the holiday season rush and if your campaign strategy isn’t solid, you might be missing out on all the opportunities.

View your Easter SMS campaign as a whole and plan the whole thing from the beginning till the end. This allows you to have a comprehensive overview of the game plan while helping you follow only the best practices, implement the most effective strategies and craft impactful Easter SMS templates.

Schedule ahead and automate follow-ups

Like any holiday season campaign, proper planning and scheduling is crucial to make the most out of your Easter SMS campaigns. Make sure that the messages are sent at compliant and appropriate timings to have the maximum impact. 

Schedule ahead your messages and make sure that you automate your follow-ups to seamlessly handle the additional influx of traffic. If you can’t get back to customers in time all the amazing Easter text message ideas that you have implemented will be in vain. Automation ensures that you do not miss out on any potential customers, even when your marketing team is swamped.

Enable two-way conversation

SMS can be impactful but a mere one-way promotional message can only achieve so much. Sometimes customers need to communicate with the brand before making any important purchase decisions.

This is why rather than making it a one-way blast, it’s better to enable customers to converse with you. This allows you to further nurture the customer’s interest and convince them to make their Easter purchase. TxtCart enables you to open up two-way conversations with customers for a more hands-on marketing approach.

Incorporate different channels

SMS by itself is one highly effective channel, but combining it with other channels such as email can multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns significantly. No marketing channel is perfect so combining different platforms can only enhance the outcome of your efforts.

So, try to incorporate other channels such as social media, Email or WhatsApp into your strategies along with your SMS campaigns so that you can overcome the limitations of specific channels. 

For example, you might have an Easter-related newsletter to share, which cannot be done through SMS, so employing email for long-form content can solve this. SMS can be used to drive attention to your email marketing efforts thus increasing the open rates there as well.


We have listed out some of the best easter SMS templates and Easter text message ideas that could inspire you to experiment, use with your own variations, or use as outlines to craft even more compelling templates. But as the season closes in, you need more than simple templates, to make the most out of it.

Start preparing for the season in advance with TxtCart!

Get started today!

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