How to Boost Customer Retention Rate for Shopify Stores

How to Boost Customer Retention Rates

Learn actionable strategies to boost customer retention for your eCommerce brand. Acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing customers. This makes customer retention an extremely important aspect for eCommerce brands. However, with increasing competition, brands are finding it difficult to attract and engage customers, making it harder to retain them. We’ve […]

How to Use Shopify SMS Marketing for Different Segments of Your Customers

shopify sms marketing for different customer segments

82% of people open every SMS they receive. And so, if you thought Shopify SMS marketing is a waste of your resources, you’re quite wrong. In a survey, 54% of consumers said they’d like to receive promotional messages from brands via SMS. However, text messages work only when they’re personalized and relevant to the receiver. […]

The Importance of a Customer Account Page on a Shopify Store

Customers don’t want to work too hard to find information about their orders and the items they saved. They want instant and personalized experiences. In fact, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences. The best way to provide this experience is to follow […]

How to Get the Most out of TxtCart

Messaging apps and chat apps such as ReCart, SMSBump, and others are now found on almost all modern eCommerce storefronts. And there’s a myriad of other variations available to merchants through various platforms. TxtCart offers a different and unique twist to the traditional options found for messenger and SMS marketing applications. While we embody our […]