16 Ways Fashion and Clothing Brands Use Shopify SMS Marketing to Drive Sales

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The blog delves into how fashion and clothing brands can leverage Shopify SMS marketing to boost sales and engagement. It covers various strategies like abandoned cart reminders, upselling, cross-selling, promoting sales, and new product launches through SMS, ensuring a personalized and instant connection with customers.

Fashion and apparel is among those industries that have grown rapidly. In the US alone, eCommerce fashion accounted for almost 30% of sales in 2020 itself. Imagine the increase this year and in the coming years!

But rapid growth also means increased competition.

And believe it or not, SMS has proven to be one of the most effective channels to reach buyers for this industry.

It’s true. We’ll tell you all about how leading fashion brands use SMS marketing to engage their subscribers and customers.

Shopify SMS marketing campaigns for fashion and apparel brands

1. Send abandoned cart SMS

Fashion and apparel stores have the highest abandoned cart rate – 40%. But your Shopify store can bring back these shoppers by sending them reminders. Reminders sent through SMS can bring you better results, as it has one of the highest open rates – 98% (Gartner research).

Here’s how abandoned cart text messages can help you and how you can use them:

  • After email and social media, SMS is a channel that has a high reach and more and more people prefer to receive messages from brands via SMS. For you, this means you’ll be able to reach a higher number of people.
  • Since SMSes are read on a phone, which is always handy with shoppers, the chances of instant conversions are much higher, as shoppers can buy the item right away with a few clicks on their phones.
  • Moreover, SMS is a much cheaper option compared to other channels, so you can send multiple reminders and follow-ups.
  • It’s easy to personalize SMSes because SMS is a personal channel. The way you craft your message and the incentives you include in it can help you improve your conversion rates drastically.

Here’s an example of how you can make the most of your abandoned cart reminder SMS:

StyleMe: Your shopping cart is waiting for you, Stefan. Don’t let it expire. Use code ST20 for a 20% discount. Order on styleme.com. Reply EXIT to opt-out.

There! You have an impactful message within the SMS character limit! Now let’s dissect this message:

(Brand name) StyleMe: Your shopping cart is waiting for you, Stefan. (Shopper name)

(Short, compelling copy) Don’t let it expire.

(Incentive and discount code) Use code ST20 to get a 20% discount.

(Call to action) Order on

(Site URL) styleme.com

(Unsubscribe option) (Reply EXIT to opt-out)

2. Upsell via text messages

Let’s say a subscriber checked out a product in your Shopify store but did not buy it. Maybe they didn’t like it that much, changed their mind, or are looking for something else. You could use this opportunity to introduce them to alternate and better items.

Upselling has many benefits: It helps improve your sales, you can sell products of a higher value, it engages shoppers, and it makes shoppers have a good experience of your brand.

Consider these points for upselling via SMS:

  • Make the upsell relevant to your customer. For example, if the customer’s looking to buy cosmetics, don’t try to upsell accessories. Upsell cosmetics of better quality.
  • Bring in urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) to entice subscribers into making purchases.
  • Offer discounts and deals to motivate shoppers to buy.

Here’s an example of an upselling SMS:

Hi John, the watch you liked is still available. And we have some better options which you might like. Check them out at www.clothes&more.com.

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3. Cross-sell through Shopify SMS marketing

Just like upselling, another psychological trigger that you can use as an SMS marketing strategy is cross-selling. Cross-selling is when you encourage customers to buy more than what they had initially wanted to buy.

When you let customers know that you’re trying to help them shop, they feel special. This leads to an improved shopping experience for the customer. You can make them feel like you’re adding value to their style and lifestyle by offering something more in addition to an item they’re about to purchase.

This is how you can make cross-selling part of your SMS marketing strategy:

  • Share product recommendations. For example, if a customer buys a pair of pants, recommend belts.
  • Offer items that go well together. For example, if a customer adds a black dress to the cart, try to sell them black shoes as well.

Here’s an upselling example from Adidas that can easily be replicated in SMS as well by sending:

Hey , time to complete your Adidas look with 10% off on your next purchase! Browse the collection here: .

4. Share sale and discount promotions

Sales and discounts are common for online fashion and clothing stores. With trends and styles changing every season, you might want to sell off your current season collection fast. And that’s where sales and discounts help.

Here are some things you can follow

  • Whatever sale or promotions you have, make SMS a part of it. Why miss out on this channel?
  • You could also run a pre-launch campaign through SMS for your sales.
  • You can also run an SMS only discount deal by sending the discount code to your SMS list.

Here’s a template you can use:

Hi Leena, we’re excited to announce we’re starting our annual sale from the 1st of August! Visit buy.com and use code SALEx for a 40% discount.

And here’s an example of how such a message looks:

5. Promote trending items

The fashion and clothing industry is one that has the fastest trend changes. And with trends, the demand for trending items rises, while that of the old items diminishes. While you can use SMS to offer discounts and deals on items that are going out of style, for the trending items, you can send simple texts informing subscribers about the new and coming trendy items in your store.

Some ways in which you can send SMSes for trending styles:

  • Send SMSes for seasonal trends. For example, if it’s summer or Christmas, promote items relevant to these seasons.
  • Use the opportunity of celebrity trends to promote items of the same style in your store.

Here’s an example of an email that you can replicate in an SMS campaign to share seasonal style updates:

“Hey , time for new year and an all new look! Explore our new arrivals right away and get an early bird discount to catch on trends:

6. New product launch

Being a fashion and apparel store, you’ll have to keep expanding your product offering. For example, if you’re selling only clothes, you might want to add accessories. If you want to scale, you’ll have to meet your customers’ demands and offer them more than what you already are.

Here’s what your product launch SMS can look like:

“Hi Ben, you’ve been buying clothes from us all these years. Now, you’ll also be able to buy shoes and bags – our newest products. Check them here (link).”

7. Send company updates

As a business, your customers are your assets. And it’s your duty to keep them informed about everything that’s happening in your company. Change of CEO, expansion in new countries, change in policies, etc. — you should inform your subscribers about everything. When you maintain transparency, your customers will trust you more. And you can use SMS to do so.

Here’s an SMS template:

“Hi John, we’d like to share that we have made some changes to the privacy policy of our online store. Please read it here: (link). Thank you.”

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8. Send restock alerts

It’s quite common for trending items to run out in fashion and apparel stores. Moreover, when brands launch new collections, popular designs might stock-out. This is when brands can use SMS for their back in stock strategy and bring back customers to their store.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Create FOMO through your back in stock SMS
  • Add an incentive or discount to your restock text
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Combine your restock message with an upsell
  • Use cross-selling as a psychological trigger in your restock alert

Here’s an example of a simple, short, straightforward restock SMS.

9. Request feedback

Imagine this – a shopper makes a purchase in your store. You deliver the product and forget about it. You didn’t create any opportunities to engage further with that client. Chances are, the client might soon forget you and never come back to your store.

On the contrary, what if you send that client a thank you message for making the purchase. And then, once the item is delivered, ask them for their feedback.

How does that help?

Your clients will feel engaged and special. They will feel like you care about them and their experience. This helps in building a connection with them that will bear fruits in the future.

So here’s what you should do in your feedback SMS:

  • Request the client to share feedback about their shopping experience in your store
  • Ask them to rate the item they purchased
  • Ask them to review the item they purchased
  • Ask them how likely they are to recommend your brand to their friends
  • Request them to fill out a small feedback survey

Here’s an example:

10. Request review/rating

Similar to asking for feedback, you could ask your customers to review the product they bought. You can then display their review on your website or product pages as social proof. When a single product has five reviews, the probability of its purchase increases by 270%! Imagine how you could improve your profits with minimal investments simply by requesting reviews through SMS.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Ask customers to review the item
  • Ask customers to review a specific aspect of the item
  • Request customers to review a whole collection

And here’s an example of such a message:

“Hi Nina, thank you for your purchase. To help us best serve you and others, could you click on this (link) to share a review of our site? Thanks.”

11. Send celebration messages

As an online store, you will have to create engagement opportunities for your customers. The good part – with SMS, you are sure you’ll always reach them instantly.

Some ways to go about your celebration texts:

  • Send an SMS when customers complete a year with the brand. Send it every year, like an anniversary
  • Send texts to wish customers on their birthday
  • Celebrate milestones with customers, for example, if you reach your first 1000 customers
  • You can combine celebration messages with a discount or a deal to help customers truly celebrate it

“Hey Amelia, we’re thrilled that you’ve been our customer for a year. Thank you and let’s celebrate with a 25% off on your next purchase. Use code: 25XX”

12. Order status

As a business, you must make customers comfortable with your brand and its service. Especially your first-time shoppers. New customers are always apprehensive of buying from and trusting new brands. And so, you need to let them know that you’re a reliable brand.

One way to build trust is to send updates to your customers when they make purchases. Here are some examples:

Here’s an example of an order confirmation SMS:

And one of an order in transit SMS:

shopify sms marketing order status

And when the order is fulfilled, here’s an order delivered SMS:

“StyleCart: Delivered! Your order with 1 white shirt and 1 jacket is delivered!”

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13. Ask SMS subscribers to join you on social media

Online businesses that do not make use of all their digital channels may be losing out big time. And just because SMS is one of the more traditional communication channels, doesn’t mean you cannot use it to promote your social media.

Send texts requesting customers to follow you and engage on social media. That way you establish one more touchpoint with your customers.

Some examples to inspire you:

“Hey John, we’re running an awesome giveaway contest on Facebook. To enter, like our page and read our latest posts.”

“Still wondering if you should buy that leather jacket? Read what our customer Philip has to say about it in his review on our Instagram account.”

“Exclusive offer available to our Instagram followers! Get your code here: (add Instagram link)”

14. Content or blog promotion

Most fashion and clothing brands have blogs, look books, and other informative sections on their website. Your website might have the most interesting content but unless you work towards disseminating it, it won’t reach your customers.

SMS is an effective way to make sure your content reaches more people and gets clicked. Imagine if you received a short, catchy text message about a new blog on your favorite fashion store. You’ll definitely click the link instantly.


“Style Alert: Want to catch the latest trends in casual wear? Read our latest blog: stylealert/blog.com”

15. Thank you messages

A simple thank you text can have long-term benefits for your online store. It makes customers feel valued and enhances the customer experience.

So, when can you send a thank you SMS?

  • Send it after customers make purchases
  • When customers answer polls/surveys
  • When customers write a product review
  • When customers share referrals
  • When customers sign up to restock alerts
  • When customers reach out to you with queries

16. Survey or polls

As a brand, when you care to understand your customers and their needs, they feel special. One of the best ways to understand customers is by conducting polls and surveys. And SMS can prove to be a great channel for it.

With its high open rate and potential for instant responses, it could help your brand collect insightful data. Especially when you want to enter a new product category, or launch a new collection. You could assess shoppers’ interest in your new collection before you launch it.

You could also make your survey/poll a part of other SMSes. For example, when a customer makes a purchase, send a thank you SMS which also includes a poll.

Here’s an example of an SMS to conduct a survey:

shopify sms marketing feedback campaign

Here are some SMS survey and poll questions to inspire you:

  • What could we do to enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • Do you like our new collection?
  • What kind of clothes would you like to see more of on our website?
  • How disappointed would you be if we discontinued our line of denim?
  • What’s a new product category that you’d like to see on our website?

Do more with Shopify SMS marketing using two-way conversations

These are just a few ways in which you can use SMS based on your goals. To drive results, you should leverage both automation and actual conversion. And here’s where TxtCart is the only partner you’ll need. TxtCart will help you set up all the above smart automation. So you can focus on crafting the strategies only.

But again, you’ll also need to get with the trend and keep in touch with customers to create a two-way conversation. So, you should have live agents who can help nudge shoppers into buying items by interacting with them and having conversations!

Want to see how we’re helping fashion and clothing online retailers with Shopify SMS marketing?

Install the TxtCart app today.

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