Iphone Mass Texting Guide for Businesses (2024)

iPhone Mass Texting Guide

In 2024, staying connected with your audience is crucial for businesses, especially when sharing important updates and news.

iPhone mass texting provides a convenient solution for sending messages in bulk to your subscriber base. 

In this blog, learn more about iPhone mass texting and the right way to do it. 

What is mass texting? 

Mass texting involves sending a similar message to a large group of people separately and not in a group. It allows you to send important messages to many people with a single click, saving time and effort. 

With mass texting, senders receive replies from the recipients separately in different chats as no group is involved. It also helps to initiate one-on-one conversation as no other recipient knows about the message sent to a different recipient. 

Mass texting relies on specialized services or software compliant with TCPA regulations, enabling businesses to simultaneously send messages to numerous contacts. It is checked by carriers to make sure businesses follow rules. It lets businesses send over 10 messages per second, and some can send over 40 using shortcodes.

Previously, shortcodes were essential for mass texts, but now 10-digit numbers are viable with 10DLC approval. 

How is mass text messaging different from one-on-one text messaging?

Mass text messaging and one-on-one text messaging differ primarily in their scope and purpose within a business context.

Mass text messaging involves sending the same message simultaneously to a large group of recipients. This method is commonly used for marketing campaigns, announcements, promotions, and general communication to a wide audience. It’s efficient for reaching many people quickly, but it lacks personalization as the message is the same for everyone.

On the other hand, one-on-one text messaging involves direct communication between an individual sender and recipient. This approach is more personal and allows for tailored messages, individualized support, and personalized follow-ups. Businesses often use one-on-one texting for customer service, sales inquiries, appointment reminders, and other interactions requiring personalized attention.

Why iPhone mass texting? 

Android is more popular than iOS, but the iPhone is arguably the world’s most popular single cell phone product line. There will be over 1.56 billion iPhone users by the end of 2025.

iPhone’s success boils down to brand recognition, a seamless ecosystem, a vast app store, and a user-friendly design. Despite being pricier, these factors make it stand out from competitors like Google’s Pixel. The exclusivity of iOS also attracts buyers seeking something unique.

The top countries with the most iPhone users are.  

Using SMS marketing for iPhone users is an unquestionable choice because 

  • SMS has a higher open rate of 98% in comparison to email i.e., just around 20%. 
  • 90% of people open SMS within just 3 minutes. Plus, there’s a click-through rate of 10.66%. This means you get a lot of attention and interaction from your target audience.
  • SMS marketing conversion rate falls between 21-30% which is way higher in comparison to the email conversation rate, i.e., 2-5%. 
  • SMS is cost-effective due to low individual message costs and minimal resource requirements, especially with bulk messaging.
  • SMS enables direct communication with your target audience and SMS shortcodes and two-way communication also allow recipients to instantly reply. 

Use cases of iPhone mass texting 

Here are some 5 major ways businesses can use iPhone mass texting. 

1. Send reminders

Mass texting helps businesses to send their customers reminders about their appointments, and payments. It ensures your customers are not missing out on the final call. All you have to do is include the reminder details and a strong CTA or direct link for the action to be done in your reminder SMS. 

2. Send promotional messages

Segmenting customers and mass texting them promotional messages based on their preferences saves a great deal amount of time and effort for businesses. 

3. Ask for feedback

Mass texting allows you to send feedback collection messages at once without much effort. All you need is to create a compelling message and include a feedback form link that will direct the recipients to provide feedback.  

4. Send mass text alerts

In emergencies, you need a system where you can reach out to the larger group in a matter of seconds. Mass texting is that system. For any emergency about your business & products, inform your customers ASAP with mass text alerts

5. Follow up with customers

With mass texting, you can reach out to your customers with personalized and automated follow-up calls. It allows businesses to provide a gentle nudge to their customers to perform the desired action. 

Dos of iPhone mass texting 

  • Obtain SMS opt-in consent from all your recipients before sending them the messages. It will make your SMS marketing more effective and relevant. 
  • Also, provide the option to opt out of every message. This ensures customers are still with you by their choice. 
  • Keep the message short and crisp. 
  • Send messages at active hours of recipients to maximize open rates, such as avoiding early morning or late-night texts.
  • Perform SMS segmentation for SMS personalization before sending out messages. 
  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) to avoid penalties and legal issues.
  • A/B tests different message formats, timing, and content to optimize your mass texting strategy for effectiveness.

Donts of iPhone mass texting 

  • Don’t include too much promotional language in your message. 
  • Do not send too many messages to your customers as this might annoy them. 
  • Always honor opt-out requests promptly to maintain trust and comply with regulations.
  • Don’t send messages in the early morning and late night hours. 

How and why to use a text messaging app to send mass texts?

Without a text messaging app, 

  • You have to manually collect and analyze your customer’s data for customer segmentation, personalization, right timings, and relevant CTAs. 
  • You can only send “a fixed message” to all people in mass texting. But with a texting app, it automatically adds the recipient’s name with the core text for personalizing the message. 
  • Your number is likely to be marked as spam as without any text message application, mass texting through your phones will be considered P2P texting (person to person).
  • The messages you send are not fully encrypted.
  • You are missing out on many advanced features such as message scheduling, automation, and CRM integration. 
  • You can not manage multiple communication threads by just yourself and be instant with all the replies. 

The straightforward process of iPhone mass texting is first to onboard an SMS marketing tool. With it all you need to do is

Step 1: Import your contact list into the app 

Step 2: Create your message content

Step 3: And Send! 

TxtCart provides everything you’ll need to succeed with SMS marketing on Shopify from customer opt-in data, templates, revenue vs text count data, and much more. 

TxtCart with its Campaign page enables you to craft an actual copy of your message, naming your campaign, choosing which audiences to include and exclude. It also gives additional features such as A/B Testing, scheduling for later, smart sending, and follow-up targeting within the create a campaign page. 

It also gives you an easy-to-use reporting dashboard and key insights about 

  • Subscriber LTV
  • Acquisition Rate
  • Revenue Per Message
  • Messages per Subscriber
  • Reply Rate 
  • Opt-Out Rate.

SMS marketing is simple with TxtCart!

TxtCart simplifies all the requirements of iPhone mass texting from compliance to opt-in requirements for businesses. 

TxtCart offers a range of features that enable you to enhance SMS marketing efforts including

✅ Automated cart abandonment flows

✅ Robust customer segmentation

✅ Impressive AI conversations

Install the TxtCart app today and reach out to our team of experts for better results.  

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