SMS Marketing Calendar – April 2024 | Key marketing events and holidays for your next SMS Campaign

Ready. Set. Send… Here’s your April eCommerce SMS marketing calendar with campaign ideas, SMS templates, and examples for the entire month of April 2024.

You can easily use these … SMS templates for your Shopify store marketing campaigns with four simple steps – copy, paste, tweak, and send!

April 1st: April Fool’s Day 

The reason and origin of April Fool’s Day is attributed to different events in different countries. Whatever the reason, it’s a day when eCommerce brands can have fun with their SMS marketing campaigns. Many brands play pranks to engage customers. Here are some SMS templates to get your inspiration going. 


Site name: Hey (First name), we’re feeling generous today and so you can avail 90% off site wide, only today. Head to the site now: (add link that says April Fool). 

Last message: Hi (First name), after a successful run, we’re sad to say goodbye. We’re closing our business. Thank you for purchasing from us over the years… 🙂 We got you! Happy April Fool’s Day!

April 2nd: World Autism Awareness Day 

World Autism Awareness Day is observed on April 2nd every year to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can live meaningful lives as a part of society. As a brand, you can do your bit by spreading this message. Here are some SMS templates you could use:


Hey (First name), let’s do our bit to spread awareness about autism on World Autism Awareness Day by making a small contribution to autism charities. We’re doing our bit by sharing 50% of our sale proceeds with (insert charity name). 

Help us make a difference. Shop: (url) Hi (First name), on World Autism Awareness Day, join us in celebrating all the beautiful people who are special in their own way. Buy any item as a gift and we’ll send it to autism charities on your behalf. Shop: (Link)

April 3rd: Start of Ramadan 

Just like other festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc., depending on the country your brand is in, Ramadan also offers an opportunity to reach a focused target audience through special SMS marketing campaigns. Here are a few templates to help you:


Hi (First name), the (brand name) family wishes you and your family Ramadan Kareen. Have a blessed month. 

On the occasion of Ramadan, we’re giving a 15% discount across our site all through this month. Ramadan Kareen! Shop at: (link)

April 7th: World Health Day 

April 7th is observed as World Health Day for the global awareness about health. If your brand sells products related to health, food, beverages, etc., this is an excellent opportunity to add this day to your SMS marketing calendar. Even if you don’t sell any of these items, you could run a campaign simply to spread awareness. Here’s how:


Heya (First name), on World Health Day, we’re making it easy for you to stay healthy and fine – avail 10% off on all our health products. Only today. Shop now: (link) 

Hey (First name), when you’re part of the best community – (brand name) – you get the most healthy deals on World Health Day. Explore our healthy sale. Upto 25% off. Only today. Shop: (link)

April 10th: Siblings Day 

Siblings Day is observed to honor brothers and sisters. For eCommerce brands, it’s a great opportunity to promote products on your site as gifts for siblings. You could either create a special edit or promote sitewide products. Here are a few SMS templates for your inspiration: 


Hey (First name), wondering how to make your brother/ sister feel special today on Siblings Day? Send them a gift from (site link) and we’ll make sure it gets delivered with your personal message. 

It’s Siblings Day, (First name)! And we’re here to make it exciting for your siblings and you. Check out our special curation for Siblings Day here: (link)

April 11th: World Parkinson’s Day

 April 11 is observed as World Parkinson’s Day. It’s a day to spread awareness and support people who’ve experienced Parkinson’s disease. If you’re a brand that believes in sharing support and promoting causes, you could try to create an SMS marketing campaign on this day to spread awareness.


(Site URL) Hi (First name), on World Parkinson’s Day, join us in making a difference to our community. Shop from our site today to support a cause. 50% of proceeds will be donated to (NGO name). 

Hi (First name), let’s take our journey together forward by making someone’s life better on World Parkinson’s Day. Read our blog about how you could make a difference today: (blog link)

April 14th: International Moment of Laughter Day 

Celebrated on April 14, the International Moment of Laughter Day is a day to remind people to laugh out loud every day! To make your customers laugh, you could try out SMS marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas: 


Ha ha hi, (first name). It’s International Moment of Laughter Day and all we want is for you to laugh with your loved ones. Check out a list of comedy movies we’ve curated for you: (list) LOL! 

Today is International Moment of Laughter Day. What better to do than laugh out loud! Reply LOL and we’ll add 50 credit points to your account. So you can be more happy.

April 15th: World Art Day 

World Art Day is celebrated on the 15th of April to appreciate fine art and spread awareness about creative activity. eCommerce stores can engage customers in fun campaigns. Let’s look at some SMS marketing campaign templates below:


Heya (First name), it’s World Art Day. Let’s see the artist in you. Create a doodle, sketch, drawing, about our brand (name) and post it on Instagram. Tag (brand handle). 10 lucky winners get gift vouchers worth $50. 

It’s World Art Day today and we’d like to thank all the artists, designers, and creatives who help you bring the beautiful products to our store for you. Thank you!

April 17th: Easter 

Even if you don’t sell chocolates, cakes, clothes, or goodies on your eCommerce site, Easter is a good opportunity for you to engage your customers. Send them Easter wishes or a sweet deal such as discounts. Check out some SMS templates:


Happy Easter, (First name), from our family to yours. May your day be filled with love and peace. Thank you for being with us. (Brand name) 

Hey (First name), our Easter FLASH SALE is here! ONLY TODAY! Get 20% off on your orders today. Start shopping now: (link)

April 22nd: Earth Day 

April 22 is observed as Earth Day to promote support for environmental protection. Now here’s a day for brands to make a difference to Earth. Some SMS templates you can easily use:


Hey (First name), on Earth Day, we’re proud to join hands with (Name of foundation). 5% of proceeds from our next month’s sale will go to help them continue the good work they’re doing to save the environment. To support them, please shop from our site next month. 

Hi (First name), on Earth Day, we’d like to share names of a few NGOs doing excellent work in the field of environmental conservation. If you wish to support any of them, please click on this link and donate: (Link)

April 23rd: World Book Day 

World Book Day is celebrated to promote reading, writing, and publishing. If you’re a brand that believes in the power of the written word and reading, you must make use of this opportunity to engage your customers. Think of interactive SMS marketing campaigns, such as the below templates: 


(Brand name). (First name), it’s World Book Day today. Reply BOOKLOVE in the next one hour to receive 100 credit points in your account. Use the points against purchasing books on (site link) 

Hi there! Today, on World Book and Copyright Day, we’ve put together a special selection of books based on your past favorites. Check it out here: (link). Use code 5467 to avail 10% off.

April 27th: Denim Day 

Denim Day is not a day to make a fashion statement. Rather, it is a day to wear denim with a purpose. This day of action and awareness is an event in which people are encouraged to wear denim to combat victim blaming and educate others about sexual violence. You can include this day in your SMS marketing calendar. Some text messages: 


It’s Denim Day today and we’d encourage you to join us in spreading awareness about sexual violence by wearing your favorite pair of denim. Read and share this article: (article link) 

Celebrate Denim Day by adding one more pair in your wardrobe. To make it easy for you to shop, we’re giving away 20% off on our entire denim collection. Only today. Shop here: (link)

April 29th: International Dance Day

April 29 is celebrated as International Dance Day to celebrate dancing. It’s a fun opportunity for your brand to engage customers. Offer deals and discounts to make them dance. Try these SMS marketing templates: 


Because we want you to celebrate International Dance Day by well… dancing, we have a surprise waiting for you on our website: (link). Dance away! Use code DANCE to avail free shipping on your orders today.

Whatever you’re doing right now, you’ll stop and want to dance, once you see the special discounts on our site today: (site link). Hurry! Only today!

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