SMS Reminders: What, Why, Examples and Templates

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We’re all familiar with using SMS for promotions, but let’s switch gears. In this blog, discover the power of SMS beyond promotions – dive into some SMS reminder ideas that can elevate engagement and drive action in your e-commerce strategy.

Recap: what are SMS reminders 

SMS reminders for e-commerce brands are notifications sent to customers based on specific actions they’ve taken, such as booking an appointment or subscribing for updates on limited product launches. 

Unlike promotional messages used in SMS marketing, these reminders aim to gently nudge customers about their expressed interests or engagements, serving as helpful prompts to keep them informed or remind them of their prior intentions.

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Types of SMS reminders and templates 

Here is a list of SMS reminder ideas to leverage for your e-commerce business for better engagement:

1. Upcoming appointment reminders

These reminders are sent to customers who have scheduled appointments or bookings with an e-commerce brand. They serve as notifications to ensure that customers remember and honor their appointments. Such reminders are pivotal in service-oriented e-commerce businesses to minimize no-shows and maintain a seamless scheduling process.

SMS templates

Reminder for service appointment

“Hi [Customer’s Name], this is a friendly reminder about your upcoming appointment with us on [Date] at [Time]. We’re excited to see you soon!”

Appointment confirmation with details

“Hey [Customer’s Name], just confirming your appointment for [Service/Product] on [Date] at [Time]. If you need to reschedule or have any questions, reply to this message.”

2. Event reminders

These reminders are geared towards informing customers about upcoming events, exclusive product launches, sales, or any significant occasion hosted by an e-commerce brand. These SMS reminder ideas aim to generate anticipation and ensure maximum participation by keeping customers in the loop about exciting opportunities.

SMS templates

Product launch reminder

“Hey there! Don’t forget, our limited edition [Product Name] is launching tomorrow at [Time]. Set your alarms and be the first to grab yours!”

Exclusive sale reminder

“Hi [Customer’s Name], our exclusive sale starts in 24 hours! Get ready to shop your favorites at incredible discounts. See you there!”

3. Recurring appointment reminders

For e-commerce businesses that have customers with recurring appointments, such as regular service appointments, consultations, or check-ups, these reminders are vital. They ensure that customers stay on track with their scheduled recurring appointments, enhancing customer retention and maintaining consistent service engagement.

SMS templates

Monthly service reminder

“Hi [Customer’s Name], it’s time for your monthly [Service/Product] appointment! See you on [Date] at [Time].”

Quarterly check-up reminder

“Hello [Customer’s Name], just a reminder that your quarterly check-up is coming up on [Date] at [Time]. We’re here to ensure you’re at your best!”

4. Scheduling appointments

These SMS reminder ideas aim to facilitate the process of scheduling appointments for customers who have shown interest but haven’t confirmed a booking yet. They encourage customers to take action and finalize an appointment, thereby increasing conversions and ensuring a streamlined booking process.

SMS templates

Appointment follow-up

“Hi [Customer’s Name], we noticed your interest in our services! Schedule your appointment now and enjoy [benefit/discount] using code ‘APPT10’ at checkout!”

Urgent booking reminder

“Hey there! Limited slots available for appointments this week. Secure your spot now and enjoy a seamless experience with us!”

5. Follow-up reminders

Follow-up SMS reminder ideas are crucial for maintaining customer engagement after a particular interaction, purchase, or inquiry. They serve as a way to nurture relationships, gather feedback, encourage further action, or provide additional assistance. These reminders can be personalized based on the customer’s recent activity or transaction with the e-commerce brand.

SMS templates

Post-purchase follow-up

“Hi [Customer’s Name], we hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase! Share your experience with us and get 10% off your next order.”

Feedback request

“Hey! Your opinion matters. How was your recent shopping experience with us? Reply with your feedback and help us serve you better.”

6. Payment reminders

Payment SMS reminder ideas are essential for e-commerce brands to ensure timely payments for products, services, subscriptions, or installment plans. These reminders help customers stay updated about their financial commitments, reducing instances of missed payments that might result in service interruptions or penalties.

SMS templates

Subscription renewal reminder

“Hello [Customer’s Name], your subscription to [Service/Product] is due for renewal on [Date]. Ensure uninterrupted service by renewing now!”

Installment due reminder

“Hi there! Just a friendly reminder that your next installment for your purchase is due on [Date]. Complete your payment to avoid any inconvenience.”

7. Cart abandonment reminders

Cart abandonment reminders are essential for e-commerce brands to re-engage customers who have added items to their online shopping cart but left without completing the purchase. These reminders aim to gently prompt customers to return to their carts and complete the transaction, thereby reducing abandonment rates and potentially recovering lost sales.

SMS templates

Reminder with incentive

“Hi [Customer’s Name], forgot something? Complete your purchase now and get 10% off with code ‘SAVE10’. Your items are waiting for you!”

Urgency-driven reminder

“Hey there! The items in your cart are selling out fast. Don’t miss out, complete your purchase now before they’re gone!”

8. Seasonal sale reminders

Seasonal sale SMS reminder ideas are sent to inform customers about upcoming or ongoing sales, promotions, or events related to specific seasons, holidays, or occasions. These reminders generate anticipation, drive traffic to the website, and encourage customers to take advantage of special offers during these periods.

SMS templates

Holiday sale alert

“Hello [Customer’s Name], our holiday sale starts soon! Get ready for massive discounts on your favorite items. Stay tuned for more details!”

Limited time offer reminder

“Hi there! Our winter clearance sale ends in 24 hours. Grab your winter essentials at unbeatable prices before it’s too late!”

9. Shipping confirmation reminders

Shipping confirmation reminders are sent to customers after their purchase has been processed and shipped. These reminders serve to inform customers about the status of their order, providing reassurance and anticipation for the delivery while also allowing them to track their package.

SMS templates

Shipping  confirmation with tracking

“Hi [Customer’s Name], great news! Your order #[Order Number] has been shipped. Track your package here: [Tracking Link].”

Anticipation-building reminder

“Hey there! Your order is on its way. Get ready for your package to arrive soon! Track its journey here: [Tracking Link].”

10. Delivery reminders

Delivery SMS reminder ideas are sent to customers shortly before the expected delivery date to remind them of the impending arrival of their package. These reminders aim to ensure that customers are available to receive their deliveries or make necessary arrangements.

SMS templates

Upcoming delivery reminder

“Hello [Customer’s Name], your order is scheduled for delivery on [Date]. Ensure someone’s available to receive it for a smooth delivery experience.”

Delivery day reminder

“Hi [Customer’s Name], your package will be arriving today! Get excited for its delivery and make sure you’re available to receive it.”

11. Exclusive offers reminders

Exclusive offer reminders are sent to inform customers about special, limited-time deals, discounts, or promotions that are exclusive to a certain segment of customers. These reminders aim to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging customers to take advantage of these unique offers.

SMS templates

Exclusive deal alert

“Hi [Customer’s Name], here’s an exclusive offer just for you! Enjoy 20% off on your next purchase using code ‘EXCLUSIVE20’. Shop now!”

Limited-time offer reminder

“Hey there! Our exclusive flash sale ends tonight. Don’t miss out on extra savings—shop now and enjoy amazing discounts!”

12. Product recommendations reminder

Product recommendation reminders are sent to customers based on their previous purchases or browsing history. These reminders showcase complementary or similar products to what customers have shown interest in or bought before, aiming to encourage repeat purchases and enhance the shopping experience.

SMS templates

Recommended products for you

“Hello [Customer’s Name], based on your recent purchase, here are some products you might love! Check them out now and upgrade your collection.”

Personalized picks reminder

“Hi there! We’ve selected some items just for you. Take a look at these recommendations and treat yourself to something special!”

13. Referral program reminders

Referral program reminders are sent to customers to encourage them to refer friends or family to the brand’s products or services. These SMS reminder ideas highlight the benefits of referring others, such as rewards, discounts, or exclusive offers, incentivizing customers to spread the word.

SMS templates

Referral incentive reminder

“Hi [Customer’s Name], don’t forget about our referral program! Refer a friend today and both of you get 15% off your next purchase. Share the love!”

Exclusive rewards for referrals

“Hey there! Sharing is caring. Refer friends to us and earn rewards for every successful referral. Start referring now!”

14. Request review reminders

Review reminders are sent to customers post-purchase to encourage them to leave a review or feedback about their shopping experience, product quality, or service. Positive reviews significantly impact brand reputation and influence future customers’ decisions.

SMS templates

Feedback request for review

“Hello [Customer’s Name], how was your recent purchase? Your feedback helps us improve! Share your thoughts and receive a special thank-you offer.”

Review incentive reminder

“Hi! Love your purchase? Leave a review and get a chance to win exciting prizes! Your opinion matters to us.”

15. VIP/Loyalty program update reminders

VIP or loyalty program update reminders are sent to members enrolled in these programs to inform them about updates, changes, or exclusive benefits available to them. These reminders aim to keep members engaged, informed, and excited about the perks they receive for their loyalty.

SMS templates

Exclusive VIP offer alert

“Hi [Customer’s Name], as a VIP member, you now get early access to our new collection! Check it out before anyone else.”

Loyalty program update

“Hey there! We’ve upgraded our loyalty program! Earn double points on all purchases this week. Enjoy your VIP status!”

16. Restock reminders

Restock reminders are sent to customers who showed interest in products that were previously out of stock but are now available again. These reminders aim to notify customers about the availability of sought-after items, encouraging them to purchase before the stock runs out again. 

SMS templates

Product restock alert

“Hello [Customer’s Name], great news! Your favorite item is back in stock. Don’t miss the chance to get it before it’s gone again!”

Limited stock reminder

“Hi! The product you’ve been waiting for is back! Hurry, limited stock is available. Grab it now before it sells out!”

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In the realm of e-commerce, timely SMS reminders bridge intent with action. Automation ensures the precision of these SMS reminder ideas, enhancing customer engagement. Try TxtCart for easy reminders and to win back customers. It lets you target specific groups, making your SMS marketing strategy supercharged!

Install the TxtCart app today and reach out to our team of experts for better results.  

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