Translate And Localize Your Shopify Store With LangShop

Striving for development is an integral part of a person’s, project’s or business’s life. For the e-business, there are no limits. Today you are just a local online store but in a few months, you can conquer the world.

When people decide to develop their e-business and go global they can face with the term “localization”.

Localization is a set of measures that you need to do in order to start selling on the foreign markets. In other words – you should make your online store clear for the target audience in the desired country. In this situation, LangShop can help you.

What is LangShop?

LangShop is the translation and localization application for Shopify stores. It provides multiple types of translation for users. With the help of our app store owners can translate 100% of the store’s content.

Let’s consider the main features of the app:

  • 241 languages supported – thanks to LangShop users have an opportunity to add translations into multiple languages and dialects of the world (including RTL languages).
  • Over 80 currencies – let your customers see prices on your store in their local currency.
  • Translation types – auto, manual, professional translation are available for LangShop users.
  • Translation of all types of content – products, collections, pages, navigation, checkout, privacy policy, etc. All these types can be translated by LangShop. Furthermore, you can translate static, dynamic, and third-party apps content.
  • No limitations – unlike its competitors LangShop doesn’t have any limits for translated characters, words, or page views. You can translate as much as you need.
  • Language detection – detect languages by visitor’s country or browser language.
  • Awesome 24/7 support – you can contact the LangShop support team anytime when you need. It’s available for all users in an email, live chat, voice call.
  • Affordable pricing – the pricing is standard for all users. Multiple features in one place are available for you for one price.

Currently, it’s overall rating is 4.9 and the app is on the 6th position in the search result.

How can LangShop localize your store?

Localization strategy includes multiple steps. For successful promotion first, you need to study your target audience. It is important to know their interests, customer behavior, and cultural characteristics.

So, how can LangShop help? First of all, you can translate the store into the desired language. Note, that you translate all available fields of the content including meta tags, description tags, SEO title and description, meta fields, etc.

Secondly, the app adds multilingual alternate links “hreflang”. LangShop also creates URLs for each target language. All translated pages will get their own unique URL with language code in their name.

The next localization option is language detection. You can detect languages by visitor’s browser or country. At the first visit, customers will see your store in their local language. Very comfortable, isn’t it?

And the last but not less important option is currencies. You can add currencies and currency selector to the store and your customers will see prices in their local currency. This will help you to make your store more user-friendly and convenient.

How to translate the store in a few clicks?

The main feature of the LangShop app is Auto-translation. To launch it, users need just a few simple steps.

After the installation of the application, the user should select the target language(s) and category for translation. The next step is to click the Auto-translate button. In this simple way, every store owner can launch the translation of the store with the help of LangShop.

Different translation drivers are used for the auto-translation (Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, etc). The presence of several services allows the app to provide the most accurate auto-translation.

For example, look at this amazing store – Pampshade. They made a decision to translate their Shopify store using LangShop. Here you can rate the quality of the translation. Note, that the store has both language and currency switchers and they work well.

The store owners were satisfied with the service, for which they awarded the application with a 5-star review.

You can test all the described features and functionality for free. LangShop provides 14-days free trial without limits for translation or customization of the store.


So, multilingual and localized content is the main condition on the way to becoming a global online store. In this article, we considered the way how you can do this easy and fast.

Of course, LangShop has only a part of options that localize Shopify store but at the same time, it’s a good tool for effective content localization strategy with multiple useful features.

LangShop will help you to talk your customers’ language and make the store SEO friendly. Over 6000 stores already use the app and sell abroad without efforts.

Install LangShop and localize your store easy.

About the author 

This post was contributed by our amazing Shopify app partners, LangShop. The app enables you to expand your business and increase sales by translating and localizing the content of your Shopify store into multiple languages. 

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