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Chaser + Txtcart

Going all in on SMS and AI for this fast fashion LA based clothing brand!


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About Chaser

Chaser is your go-to chic fashion haven, a cutting-edge clothing line that’s all about style evolution Crafted in the heart of Los Angeles and fueled by the influence of iconic fashion trailblazers from bygone eras, our collection is a constant forward strive. In the realm of fashion, we reign supreme obsessing over the perfect fit, luxurious fabrics, heavenly hand-feel and impeccable construction.

Whether you’re elevating your look for a night out or embracing a laid-back vibe, Chaser is the ultimate authority on being effortlessly cool. Drawing inspiration from the allure of vintage aesthetics and the rhythm of music history, our brand takes a stylish detour into the realm of European taste-makers infused with a touch of easy modern.

The Problem

Phil from Chaser needed to supplement their traditional forms of email and SMS marketing with something a bit more personalize and forward looking. Keeping their initial email and sms flows setup, Chaser was able to leverage TxtCarts conversational AI to both recover lost sales passively and provide better offers and campaigns to their customers through our 2-way SMS Campaigns product. What was once a bleeding bucket at the checkout, has now been transformed into a profit center, generating over $125K in just 9 months time at a 55% conversion rate for the brand.

”Kyle and Hunter have been absolutely outstanding to work with and all the platform has done is over perform and exceed expectations. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about sending SMS notifs for abandoned carts, especially using AI to do it, but the ROI has been amazing, and the flexibility the team has shown in providing unique responses (and timely responses to my requests), has been impressive. I am very excited for the future. Highly recommended!” – Phil, Chaser Brand CEO

The Solution

Implementing a personalized messaging approach to both their campaigns and abandoned cart recovery flows which positioned the brand in both in a spot to not only increase their bottom line, but delight their chic customers while doing so. Knowing their customer base, age and gender profiles, meant TxtCart was the perfect solution for communicating with customers where they are spending the majority of their time. 

With 10’s of thousands of dollars generated during just the 14-day trial of TxtCart, the team at Chaser knew they had unlocked something special for themselves. A perfect blend of the right offer, to the right audience at the right time, turning visitors into profitable conversations for the months to come.

Why TxtCart?

Brands continue to focus on marketing tools that provide a clear, demonstrable ROI and enhance their CX while reducing the sales cycle. The ability to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and talk directly with customers is one of many reasons over 3,000 Shopify brands choose TxtCart:|

● One customer, one conversation, one phone number all under one roof
● Instantly connect in the most personalized way with your customers where they spend most of their time
● Industry leading 98% open rates, average 45% reply rates and 30% recovery rates on abandoned checkouts
● Lower customer acquisition costs through subscriber growth tools, phone collection and easy to run campaigns to drive repeat revenue
● Plethora of SMS tools ranging from Campaigns, Cart Recovery, Flows, Automations, Campaign Planner, AI-powered templates and more
● Easy integration with Shopify and simple onboarding to get you up and running and making sales faster

Need help growing your SMS revenue, recovering abandoned checkouts or scaling your subscribers from existing customers? Book a demo with us or try out our risk free 14-day free trial!


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