Why Chaser Brand Dove Head-First Into SMS Marketing

Helping a large-scale e-commerce brand further strengthen its marketing efforts through SMS channels.

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The Challenge

Assist Chaser Brand with capturing large amounts of abandoned carts while creating overarching brand awareness and loyalty.

The Outcome

In just nine months, 1000+ orders recovered, $125,000 in recovered sales, and a 55% conversion rate.

Chaser Brand

Chaser Brand is a contemporary clothing line designed in and based out of the Los Angeles area. A contemporary style meshed with rock and roll history has led to the creation of a “vintage” brand with an emphasis on quality fashion. Like many online stores this year, the amount of customers visiting their site has exploded, but with that came a fair amount of lost sales…

What Challenges Were You Having Prior to Using TxtCart?

Chaser Brand knew there had to be a simple and efficient way to capture the tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost sales every month, but like many stores, they weren’t sure how to go about it. Marketing efforts via email channels just weren’t performing how they’d like and Chaser knew there had to be a way. 

Why TxtCart?

Chaser Brand wanted to supplement their traditional forms of email marketing with a simple SMS platform that would capture lost sales and create brand loyalty across the board. After their initial 14 day free trial, Chaser saw an immediate boost in sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty, which have led them to implementing TxtCart’s SMS messages into their day-to-day marketing efforts.

Chaser Brand + TxtCart

Chaser Brand believes that by installing TxtCart, not only does it increase your sales, but it assures your customer base that you are a reputable, sustainable, and trustworthy brand that they are buying from. The new wave of online shopping in recent years with the ability to communicate with your customers via text is an unprecedented advancement in how we think about sales/marketing. You can now communicate and better understand your customer base by reaching them via a medium that they are comfortable/familiar with.

“Kyle and Hunter have been outstanding to work with and all the app itself has done is over-perform and exceed expectations. I have to admit I was skeptical about sending SMS notifications for abandoned carts, especially using an AI bot, but the ROI has been amazing, and the flexibility the team has shown in providing unique responses, (and the timely fashion in which they respond to my requests), has been impressive. I am excited to see what SMS campaigns will do for us. Highly recommended.”

Phil, Chaser Brand CEO

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