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CROSSNET + Txtcart

Four square meets two way conversational SMS. A sports company with even sportier SMS metrics.


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SMS Attributed ROI


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Growing up together in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, brothers Chris and Greg Meade, and their childhood friend, Mike Delpapa, constantly sought new activities to keep them busy. In 2017 they reunited as adults, reminiscing on recess days playing four square. They had an idea: a volleyball court divided into four quadrants, merging traditional volleyball with a favorite childhood game.


After creating a prototype, they invited their friends to come play. Their friends excitement made it clear that they were onto something. Since that moment almost five years ago, the trio has made it their mission to spread the game of CROSSNET throughout the world. They are now a product Official Partner of USA Volleyball.

The Problem

Greg and Chris Meade, approached Kyle (TxtCart CEO & Founder) with the problem of increasing their AOV while fixing the abandonment issue they seemed to be plagued by with so many online shoppers. Ecommerce being quiet different than retail, poses its own unique challenges, and Kyle was happy to help. Chris and his brother are always trying new tech and platforms to find the latest competitive advantage, and were very eager to give TxtCart SMS Marketing a try in the earliest days of launch.

”We’ve used ALOT of platforms during our time in business and one thing that sticks out about TxtCart is how EASY it is to get started. No confusing onboarding, setup in 5-10 minutes or less, and super intuitive to use on a day-to-day basis. It’s very refreshing and honestly what makes them stand out in the crowd. The team is always available to help and honestly, the product is so good, you rarely need support.” – Greg Meade, Co Founder at CROSSNET

The Solution

Within minutes of setup, TxtCart’s conversational live agents and team of live agents got to work. With AOV’s of $175, with 50+ orders being recovered a week, the team was quickly seeing the ROI of 2-way SMS. Due to the volume of conversations, reply rates were lower than expected but still a respectable 32% with conversion rates sitting at 15%. Given the nature of the product and price point, we feel these metrics were fair and the clear lift in revenue was certainly recognizable.

During this initial period of usage, the CROSSNET team saw over 2,400 orders recovered at scale and that means, over 2,400 happy customers and 2,400 more CROSSNETTERS across the USA. This strategic partnership has paid huge dividends for both teams, and are excited to see the future of both companies in the years to come.

Why TxtCart?

Brands continue to focus on marketing tools that provide a clear, demonstrable ROI and enhance their CX while reducing the sales cycle. The ability to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and talk directly with customers is one of many reasons over 3,000 Shopify brands choose TxtCart:

● One customer, one conversation, one phone number all under one roof
● Instantly connect in the most personalized way with your customers where they spend most of their time
● Industry leading 98% open rates, average 45% reply rates and 30% recovery rates on abandoned checkouts
● Lower customer acquisition costs through subscriber growth tools, phone collection and easy to run campaigns to drive repeat revenue
● Plethora of SMS tools ranging from Campaigns, Cart Recovery, Flows, Automations, Campaign Planner, AI-powered templates and more
● Easy integration with Shopify and simple onboarding to get you up and running and making sales faster

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