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Organi + Txtcart

How Organi Grow Hair leverages conversational SMS campaigns to drive 7 figures in revenue with TxtCart.


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About Organi

“I created OrganiGrowHarirCo after an extremely bad haircut, awful extensions and going from dark brown to blonde. My hair was dry, brittle, lacked volume, strength, length and my roots were curly but my ends were straight. I was desperate to grow my hair back, and I was inspired by my young daughter to get the curls I always wanted. After extensive research, planning and action, I was not only able to grow my hair but get the curls that exceeded expectations while restoring shine and fullness/volume back to my hair. People could not believe that I was able to bring my hair to this point and would always ask the secret. I decided to couple my love for people and my obsession with healthy hair and create a VEGAN, ORGANIC and all natural line that caters to ALL ages and hair types. Organi Grow Hair was born.

The Problem

Kay Cola approached us looking for a 2-way SMS platform that would both boost conversions and reply rates while building a relationship with her customers. Too many SMS Platform campaigns are focused solely on what we call (1 directional blast) non personalized campaigns. With TxtCart, our Conversational AI extends beyond the cart recovery product so many brands know and love. With 2-way conversations, customer questions get answered, customer satisfaction increases, and more orders get placed. A win-win for everyone in the relationship.

”TxtCart has really built something special and we’ve been a fan and active user for 3 years now. The organic conversations pair so well with our organic first hair products, our team loves the lift they provide on conversation resolutions and additional revenue from their 2-way SMS campaigns and our customers really appreciate the personalized texts and ability to get their questions answered without having to deal with annoying no reply text messages or having to reach out to a new support team member on another channel.” – Kay Cola, Founder at OrganiHairGrowCo

The Solution

TxtCart started delivering results very quickly. While the Organi team was setting up their SMS/MMS marketing campaigns, the Cart Recovery product went to work and generated an additional $25K in recovered checkout revenue on average, per month. Reply rates of 42% and recovery rates of 60% on those replies quickly became the new norm for Organi and now cannot image their business without this additional revenue channel.

With conversational campaigns, the Organi team has achieved its goal and is delivering above and beyond shopping experiences with TxtCart thanks to real-time, empathic, friendly and personalized text conversations. With over 9,500 campaign orders, it’s safe to say both Organi and their customers LOVE conversational campaigns driving an average purchase value per campaign of $96.26 which boosted sales by more than 16%.

Why TxtCart?

Brands continue to focus on marketing tools that provide a clear, demonstrable ROI and enhance their CX while reducing the sales cycle. The ability to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and talk directly with customers is one of many reasons over 3,000 Shopify brands choose TxtCart:

● One customer, one conversation, one phone number all under one roof
● Instantly connect in the most personalized way with your customers where they spend most of their time
● Industry leading 98% open rates, average 45% reply rates and 30% recovery rates on abandoned checkouts
● Lower customer acquisition costs through subscriber growth tools, phone collection and easy to run campaigns to drive repeat revenue
● Plethora of SMS tools ranging from Campaigns, Cart Recovery, Flows, Automations, Campaign Planner, AI-powered templates and more
● Easy integration with Shopify and simple onboarding to get you up and running and making sales faster

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