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PupSocks + Txtcart

How PupSocks is crushing holiday seasons with 2-way SMS marketing and abandoned cart recovery.


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SMS Attributed ROI


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About PupSocks

Our unique, customized products won’t go unnoticed as you play with your pup, parade through town, accept that diploma, or say “I do.” What better way to show your love than a personalized product. Guaranteed to start a conversation. We think people who should know who you’re rooting for. For the mom who is so proud of her children, she wants the world to know. 

For the dog mom who can’t take her dog to work, but oh, she can wear him. For the daughter who paid her way through college and has every reason to celebrate. For the newlywed couple who wants their family to be there whether they can physically be there, or not. We have a product for you. For all of you. We’re happy you’re a part of the PupSocks Community.

The Problem

Creating personalized shopping experiences for customers looking to buy personalized products. This isn’t easily achievable with many of the legacy and 1-way SMS platforms out there. The job was clear and the mission was aligned for the PupSocks x TxtCart team. Create meaningful conversations that spark personalization and ultimately lead to a happier community and flourishing business.

“I absolutely love the team and the app that is TxtCart. From the additional revenue they bring us on autopilot, to the extension of our teams customer support efforts, it’s honestly such a no brainer and made me wonder why and how we ran prior to discovering it. Customer service is amazing, and our customers certainly notice and appreciate it as well. Keep it up, we’re believers for sure.” – Chris Johnson, Founder & CEO PupSocks

The Solution

Personalized conversations through text messages for folks buying personalized gifts. A no brainer. Immediate revenue lift was noticed when plugging in TxtCarts proven 2-way live agent Cart Recovery Flow. With no interruption to service and no heavy lifting from the PupSocks team, we got to work. Over 3,300 orders recovered lifting AOV’s from $32.51 to $42.33 this means both more revenue MoM as well as greater customer LTV.

Results have proven steady throughout the year with EXPLOSIVE growth during the holiday rush given the nature of the product. The team knows they have sales and CS covered for their busiest time of the year, allowing them to spend more time focused on what’s important to their business and less time managing flows, campaigns and CRO. A true partnership in every sense of the word, and the results don’t lie.

Why TxtCart?

Brands continue to focus on marketing tools that provide a clear, demonstrable ROI and enhance their CX while reducing the sales cycle. The ability to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and talk directly with customers is one of many reasons over 3,000 Shopify brands choose TxtCart:

● One customer, one conversation, one phone number all under one roof
● Instantly connect in the most personalized way with your customers where they spend most of their time
● Industry leading 98% open rates, average 45% reply rates and 30% recovery rates on abandoned checkouts
● Lower customer acquisition costs through subscriber growth tools, phone collection and easy to run campaigns to drive repeat revenue
● Plethora of SMS tools ranging from Campaigns, Cart Recovery, Flows, Automations, Campaign Planner, AI-powered templates and more
● Easy integration with Shopify and simple onboarding to get you up and running and making sales faster

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