SMS marketing delivers over 98% open rates with a 43% click-through on average. But to run high-converting text messaging campaigns, you need the right Shopify app. If you’ve been unhappy using Attentive or are looking for the best alternative to Attentive for text marketing, here’s why you should choose TxtCart. The goal of this comparison is to highlight the differences between TxtCart and Attentive.

What’s the difference between TxtCart and Attentive?

TxtCart and Attentive are two Shopify apps that enable online stores to set up and run text marketing campaigns to recover abandoned carts. Both the apps make use of a similar approach to personalize text marketing campaigns – adding a human touch to SMS with the help of live agents. 

But out of the two, TxtCart is the highest-rated SMS marketing app that is powered by humans and powerful marketing automation. 

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The Shopify SMS marketing apps have a few features in common, including setting up automated text marketing campaigns. But TxtCart stands out when it comes to customizations and the ability to personalize your text messages. 

From powerful subscriber segmentation to SMS reminders, win-back campaigns, TxtCart helps you re-engage customers at all stages of their buying journey. We even enable you to create one-time promotional campaigns or schedule text messages for a later date. 

TxtCart also comes with a one-time coupon generator. You can use this powerful feature within the dashboard to add discounts that can motivate cart abandoners to complete the purchase. 

In addition to the automation and powerful features, we work with a team of eCommerce live agents that focus on replying to SMS campaigns in real-time. The goal is to help you have as many conversations as to drive more sales. 

As compared to Attentive, TxtCart also comes with cheaper commissions and monthly fees on the sales generated through your SMS marketing campaigns. 

TxtCart is trusted by thousands of Shopify stores that have humanized their text marketing campaigns to drive more sales

Trusted by thousands of Shopify brands for abandoned
cart SMS marketing campaigns and more

What makes TxtCart the best alternative to Attentive?

1. Text message marketing that is powered by real people (live agents)

TxtCart is revolutionizing how Shopify stores run their SMS marketing campaigns. We’re bringing in consumer psychology to automation. Backed by the study from Harvard Business Review that states human conversations lead to 5x more engagement on campaigns.

We have built an amalgamation of smart marketing automation, backed by a team of experienced eCommerce live agents to fuel your text marketing campaigns.

Following industry best practices, rules and regulations, and brand guidelines, TxtCart make sure your Shopify brand shines. Every conversation sounds personalized from the start to the end.

From striking the first conversation with a cart abandoner to understanding their concerns and motivations, we find the right opportunity to bring back that sale to your Shopify store.

This helps us drive 98% open rates, ~45% reply rates, and ~33% conversion rates from SMS marketing.

2. Segment and run one-time SMS marketing campaigns

To engage online shoppers at the right time, with the right message, TxtCart enables smart SMS marketing automation. But with 70% of consumers expecting brands to personalize their communication, we knew how important it is to incorporate personalization into your text marketing campaigns.

That’s why the TxtCart SMS marketing app for Shopify stores also offers a powerful one-time campaign setup. This is similar to Attentive’s SMS marketing automation. But we add a layer of human expertise to tackle all queries.

You can use this feature to launch new products, send out special offers, announce sales and discounts, and other campaigns to keep different subscribers and customers engaged.

3. In-depth analytics to track revenue from SMS marketing campaigns

Leading brands trust TxtCart for running SMS marketing campaigns. This is because we offer in-depth insights into their campaigns, helping them derive actionables and optimize to get more sales.

We’ve worked very hard overtime to ensure that our analytics dashboard is easy-to-understand.

The SMS marketing metrics we have covered, include, how many customers have opt-in to SMS, the responses our live agents have got, the conversions and sales you’re getting, and the overall revenue generated from these conversations.

Our goal is to help you make the most out of SMS marketing and that’s why you should choose TxtCart over Attentive.

4. Experienced team of Shopify experts to help you optimize SMS marketing campaigns

We’ll give you another reason why TxtCart is the best alternative to the Attentive text messaging app for Shopify stores.

We have a success-focused approach that believes conversations are the untapped opportunities to bag more sales.

The TxtCart team works with you closely to understand your challenges and implement text marketing strategies that actually work. The Shopify experts and eCommerce live agents at TxtCart dig deep into data to understand what works and what doesn’t.

This helps us keep our SMS marketing conversations well-optimized at all times. Let’s just say that we go the extra mile to help you win customers, making us the best alternative to Attentive.

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