Best Textedly Alternative for Shopify SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is essential for Shopify businesses. If you’ve relied on Textedly and seek an alternative, this curated list provides the best options to elevate your marketing strategies. Discover the top 10 Textedly alternatives for enhanced Shopify SMS marketing efficiency.

What is Textedly and its features?

Textedly alternative

Textedly streamlines SMS marketing tasks by facilitating several key features: quickly building opt-in subscriber lists and uploading mobile numbers for instant messaging. Users can schedule text messages, monitor their delivery, and configure SMS Drip Campaigns. 

The platform provides a unique Text-to-Pay option, inclusive of a credit card merchant account, allowing users to manage payments via text, making transactions effortless. With Textedly’s Business Text Reviews, users can effectively collect, manage, and track online reviews, ensuring positive feedback is displayed across various platforms. 

Key features

  • Facilitates two-way text messaging to encourage consumer engagement and loyalty.
  • Provides the ability to schedule single or bulk text messages to recipients on a specific date and time.
  • Provides automatic URL shortening to use fewer characters via text.
  • Sends out multimedia via text messages, such as coupons, pictures, and audio.
  • Offers features for personalizing text messages based on customer information or past behavior.


Contact the team for pricing information.  

Best alternatives to Textedly for Shopify SMS marketing 

Now let’s take a look at the best Shopify apps for SMS marketing that can serve as Textedly alternative: 

1. Txtcart 

Textedly alternative-  Txtcart

As a Textedly alternative, TxtCart is a robust SMS-based solution designed to recover abandoned shopping carts for businesses. It offers competitive features, including swift 1-click setup, unique one-time discount codes for cart abandoners, custom cart short URLs and real-time monitoring of ongoing conversations, to provide valuable insights.

TxtCart enables businesses to engage customers effectively with one-time SMS campaigns for new product launches, special offers, sales, and more. It offers features like customer segmentation, MMS, GIF support, and re-engagement campaigns, making it the go-to solution for implementing SMS marketing strategies.

TxtCart’s intuitive dashboard makes it a top choice as a Textedly alternative as it offers deep analytics to track customer opt-ins, live-agent responses, SMS campaign orders, and opt-outs.

Key features

  • Customer segmentation allows us to personalize campaigns with behavioral data like past interactions, previous purchases, spending power and more.
  • Set up reminders and win-back texts for specific customer segments on TxtCart.
  • See how many shoppers opt-in, respond and convert on your campaigns to iterate quickly to get maximum conversions from every conversation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Shopify apps CartHook, ReConvert, Zipify and more.
  • Shopify integration auto-syncs with your store seamlessly to capture customer information at the right time.
  • TxtCart follows the US TCPA and GDPR and automates compliance in the background.


  • Starter– $0/month
  • Growth– $49/month
  • Pro– $299/month
  • Enterprise– $999/month

2. SlickText

Textedly alternative-  SlickText

SlickText boasts a diverse library of features and SMS automation, complemented by a free mobile app for convenient management on the go. The service prioritizes cellular compliance, ensuring adherence to carrier guidelines and maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliant content. 

SlickText stands out for its fanatical customer support, offering multiple avenues for personalized assistance, and setting a benchmark in customer care. 

Key features

  • Allows users to create unique keywords and customize auto-replies.
  • Users can easily expand their text marketing lists by promoting their keywords through various channels.
  • Text blast service that enables users to send immediate, high-impact messages to their subscribers.
  • Provides SMS automation features to streamline and schedule text messages.


  • 50 Texts- Free Trial
  • Basic- $29.00/ month
  • Setup- $49.00/ month
  • Lil Bro- $79.00/ month
  • Big Bro-  $139.00/ month
  • Boss-  $189.00/ month
  • Albatross-  $350.00/ month
  • Whale-  $750.00/ month
  • Mostro-  $1250.00/ month
  • Enterprise- Custom Pricing

3. Attentive

Textedly alternative-  Attentive

As a Textedly alternative, Attentive harmonizes SMS and email experiences, enhancing customer engagement and driving revenue. It thrives on personalization, fostering brand affinity, and gaining insights into customer product preferences through two-way SMS conversations. 

Attentive ensure campaign delivery confidence through compliance tools, dependable deliverability, a wide range of integrations, and customized support, all aimed at rapid and steady growth.

Key features

  • Use engagement data to segment audiences and create tailored messages for each subscriber with dynamic content. 
  • Instantly generate and schedule high-performing, personalized, multi-touch experiences and recurring sends that fit your brand voice and tone.
  • Collect preferences using keywords or numbers that trigger a reply.
  • Monitor the impact of your marketing program with accurate attribution by viewing results in real time.


Contact the team for pricing information.  

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4. Birdeye

Textedly alternative-  Birdeye

Birdeye offers services that enable users to create, send, and respond to texts from a unified inbox, resulting in increased conversions through messages boasting a 99% open rate. With scalable, personalized, and automated features, Birdeye, the Textedly alternative, allows for the easy solicitation of reviews, referrals, and surveys. 

Key features

  • Enhance engagement with attention-grabbing text messages using images, emojis, GIFs, and PDFs.
  • Enables requesting reviews, referrals, and surveys from a single intuitive platform.
  • Facilitates segmenting the audience and tailoring texts for enhanced engagement.
  • Allows for personalized 1:1 conversations and handling multiple communication channels from a unified inbox.


Contact the team for pricing information.  

5.  SMSBump

Textedly alternative- SMSBump

As a Textedly alternative, SMSBump is a robust component of the Yotpo SMS & Email platform, serving as a pivotal tool to enhance revenue and sales generation through impactful SMS and email marketing campaigns and automation. It leverages data-rich segmentation, enabling personalized, mobile-first shopping experiences, and fosters customer loyalty. 

Key features 

  • Monitor important metrics from every engagement – such as revenue, ROI, orders, costs, and subscriber growth.
  • Build narrow consumer segments with 40+ data points to target shoppers based on demographics, product preferences, and buying behavior.
  • Maximize shopper interactions with multi-channel subscriber collection tools like keywords, QR codes, sign-up pages, and more, ensuring impactful results across various platforms.
  • Create on-brand pop-ups, footers, and floating buttons in just a few clicks.


  • Free plan 
  • Growth– $19/ month
  • Prime– $59/ month
  • Powerhouse– $199/ month

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6. SimpleTexting

Textedly alternative-  SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting allows users to create automated texts, utilize personalized messaging, and collect data for tailored interactions. With an intuitive desktop and mobile app interface, SimpleTexting provides mass texting capabilities, two-way conversation options, and integrations for a seamless experience. 

Key features 

  • Instantly communicate with large groups for effective audience engagement.
  • Professional, dedicated two-way messaging for business interactions.
  • Schedule automated texts and integrate with various apps seamlessly.
  • AI assistance, templates, link tracking, and self-cleaning contact lists.


  • 500 Texts- $39
  • 1,000 Texts- $59
  • 2,000 Texts- $89
  • 3,000 Texts- $119

7. Omnisend

Textedly alternative-  Omnisend

Omnisend is a versatile email and SMS marketing platform that offers a powerful combination of email and SMS marketing, allowing businesses to engage customers with personalized campaigns. Omnisend’s key features include automation, segmentation, and extensive integrations with popular e-commerce platforms. 

Key features

  • Combine automated texts with email and push notifications into a single automated workflow and provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience.
  • Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS (text-only messages) sending so that you can reach your international customers.
  • Collect your site visitors’ phone numbers by making use of SMS list-building tools: pop-ups, teasers, landing pages, and Wheel of Fortune. 
  • Set up a flash sale or promote the newest items with precisely targeted SMS or MMS messages.


  • Contact the team for pricing information.

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8. Textmagic

Textedly alternative-  Textmagic

As a Textedly alternative, TextMagic stands as an all-in-one business communication service providing a comprehensive platform for sending texts efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively to customers, partners, or employees. TextMagic provides multiple integration capabilities, automated text functionalities, and carrier lookup services. 

Key features

  • Schedule your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns and notifications online to be sent when needed.
  • Mail merge custom fields enable you to send thousands of personalised text messages in just seconds to recipients all over the world.
  • Access performance metrics like delivery, reply rates and costs through the TextMagic admin panel and export data when needed.
  • SMS contact forms show your availability to the customers and improve communication with your website visitors and leads.


  • Contact the team for pricing information.

9. Recart

Textedly alternative-  Recart

Recart is a comprehensive SMS and AI marketing solution tailored for Shopify stores. Recart provides unique features like AI personalization, campaign timing based on customer behavior, automated follow-ups, and dynamic URLs for seamless customer experiences. 

It also offers fully-managed services with dedicated experts, accelerated list growth tools, SMS automation, international reach, and transparent cost management. 

Key features

  • Get fully designed pop-ups based on your brand guidelines.
  • Use keyword opt-ins and social links to convert subscribers natively.
  • Restore Links for when a shopper clicks back, they pick up right where they left off. 
  • Add a special incentive to seal the deal with clicked-but-didn’t purchase subscribers.
  • One-on-one reporting, strategy sessions, and split testing.


  • Starter– $345/month
  • Pro- $565/month
  • Scale- $1,149/month
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing

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10. Podium

Textedly alternative-  Podium

Podium is a text marketing platform providing efficient, personalized customer engagement through SMS campaigns. As a Textedly alternative, Podium maximizes marketing potential by instantly converting text messages into customer sales. Businesses can quickly deploy marketing campaigns using templates, customizing messages for various customer segments, automating tasks, and ensuring compliance. 

Key features

  • Target specific groups of customers with an offer or message that’s personalized to them.
  • Quickly craft your message from templates.
  • Makes it easy to set specific rules for each campaign.
  • Allow customer opt-ins at every stage of the customer journey—on your website, in your store, via email, and more.


  • Essentials- $249/month
  • Standard- $409/month
  • Professionals- $599/month

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When it comes to finding the best Textedly alternative for Shopify store businesses, Txtcart stands out as a top choice. 

It is meticulously crafted to align with the unique business goals of Shopify stores, offering both prebuilt and customizable automation solutions. 

With innovative features like two-way SMS marketing campaigns, Txtcart empowers businesses to engage their customers effectively. 

Ready to elevate your SMS marketing game? 

Install the TxtCart app today for better results. 

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