Best Christmas SMS Marketing Templates To Boost Sales 2023

christmas sms marketing templates

In this guide, I’ve curated a selection of strategic Christmas SMS marketing templates to skyrocket your holiday sales. From initiating festive deals to sustaining post-Christmas customer engagement, these templates are designed to navigate through various marketing scenarios effectively. Explore with me to discover how these SMS templates can seamlessly integrate into your marketing campaigns, ensuring a merry and profitable season for your Shopify store.

Note: Remember to customize these Christmas SMS marketing templates before you put them to work using the TxtCart SMS marketing app.

Christmas is a time for consumers to buy goodies, to buy gifts, and to explore all things nice available in stores while shopping online. For eCommerce stores, it’s a great opportunity to sell more.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the total Christmas and Holiday Season sales amounted to $789.4 billion.

Consumers tend to buy a lot and buy freely before and during the Christmas period.

And as a Shopify store, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to boost sales and meet your goals just before the year ends.

So let’s dive straight into the different types of SMS marketing templates that you can use during the Christmas season this year.

8 types of Christmas SMS Marketing Templates for the holiday season

1. Templates for the build-up to your Christmas deals

It’s festive time and all online stores will offer the best deals to boost Christmas sales. So while everyone’s trying to attract customers, you too, should have your SMS marketing plan in place.

However, there are two key factors to put a special focus on:

First, start early!

Second, have a two-way SMS marketing strategy. Enable subscribers to reply to your text messages or to reach out to you via SMS if they have queries.

The above two factors can have help you in many ways:

  • Assess customer interest in your products
  • Measure purchase intent
  • Create hype
  • Secure early sales
  • Respond to customer queries
  • Help customers make purchase decisions
  • Reduce purchase anxiety of first-time customers

Here are three SMS templates you could easily use as a build-up to your Christmas sale:

Starting soon

Hi (first name), get ready for the biggest Christmas sale from your favorite online store: (site URL), starting Dec 5.

X days left

(Site name): Hi (first name), our Christmas sale starts in 1 day! Be the first to get a sneak peek of the deals and discounts. Choose your Christmas gifts already!

Choose gifts

Hi (first name), get exclusive access to our Christmas sale, choose items you want to give to your loved ones + get discounts. X’mas doesn’t get better than this! Explore the sale now! (Site URL)

2. SMS templates to announce new products and collections

Christmas is a time when everyone wants everything new. For your Shopify store, it’s a good time to promote your new products and collections. But unless you let your subscribers know about all the new stuff you have in store, they won’t know about it. You can send text messages to inform them about what’s new, as well as motivate them to make purchases by offering different types of discounts and incentives.

Here are some templates for you to use:


Hi (First name), we know you want to give the best gifts to your loved ones this Christmas! And we made it easy for you. Check out our latest collections and new products today on (Site link)

Discount on new collection

(Store name): Hi (First name), We’ve just launched our new Christmas collection. Get 10% off on the entire collection if purchased before Dec 15. Use code XMAS10 (Site link).

Exclusive preview

Hi (First name)! Looking for something new and unique to gift your loved ones this Christmas? Head to (Site link) to shop from our new collection. It’s a special preview just for our SMS subscribers.

3. Run a free-gift SMS marketing campaign

Christmas is a time for giving gifts. As an online store, you can make your customers feel special by giving them a little gift with their purchases. To let them know about this offer, here are some SMS templates you can easily use:

Announcement of gift offer

Hey (first name), you’d be missing out on some great gifts if you don’t head to (site URL) right now! Explore our Christmas special collection. Buy for $300 or more and receive a free gift. ‘Tis that simple!


Your Christmas gift is waiting for you, (First name)! Shop Christmas goodies from (Site link) and receive a special gift from us. Hurry! Offer lasts till Dec 15.


We have a Christmas gift for you, (First name). Head to (Site link), shop, and avail a surprise gift at checkout! Only 20 lucky shoppers get the gift. Hurry!

4. Offer product bundles, inform customers via SMS

Another way to engage shoppers during the Christmas period is by offering products as bundles along with a discount on them. Since Christmas is a time when consumers tend to buy a lot and buy freely, product bundle offers can increase your AOV as well as customer engagement opportunities.

Here are a few templates that you can use:


Hey (First name), we’re running an offer on our Christmas decoration collections. Choose from our curated combos and get a 10% discount. Hurry, stocks running out. (Site link)

Enable shoppers to create their own bundles

Hi (First name), pick any two items from our Christmas edit and avail a 15% discount on your bundle. Pick any three items and avail a 20% discount. (Site link)

Offer personalized bundles

Hey (First name), you just bought wine but forgot the cake! We’re running a combo offer in our food and beverage section. Explore the offers here: (Site link)

5. Run flash sales and offers

To create excitement and boost engagement, you can run flash sales offers on your site around your Christmas collections. According to psychologists, flash sales activate scarcity bias and give the feeling that something is in short supply or available only for a short duration. This motivates people to buy from flash sales.

Here are a few SMS templates to announce flash sales.

Flash sale announcement

Hey (First name), while you’re still shopping on our site, don’t miss our flash sale offers starting in the next 15 minutes. Stay tuned: (Site link)


Hi (First name), buy worth $200 from our flash sale live now! (Site link) and earn 1 reward point for every dollar spent. Hurry! Flash sale lasts only for 1 hour.

Buy Christmas gifts

Still looking to buy Christmas gifts? Here’s your chance to buy the best gifts at the lowest prices ever on our site – Enter our flash sale now! (Site link)

6. Christmas SMS marketing template for sale extension

Most online stores extend their sales to clear off left over items from their inventory. If you decide to do so for your Shopify store, you’ll have to let your customers know about it. And while you inform them, you must also take the opportunity to motivate them to buy more with deals and offers.

You can do so easily with the help of these SMS templates:

Extension announcement

(Site name): Good news! We’ve extended our Christmas sale up to January 1, 2022, 9 pm. One more chance for you to shop all you want at up to 30% OFF.

Only for X days

Hey (First name), 1 more day to shop till you drop! Grab up to 20% off on apparel, footwear, accessories, and more from our Christmas sale extension. (Site URL)

Last chance

Hi (First name), last chance to save more on your Holiday Season shopping! Up to 25% off across the site until January 5. Complete your Christmas shopping on our extended sale!

7. Cart recovery Christmas SMS marketing templates

Shoppers are busy shopping during Christmas as they have to buy a lot of gifts and festive goodies. And so, they tend to look at multiple sites and products. Hence, they’re bound to abandon carts when they find something better on another site. But there’s good news — you can revive a significant amount of these abandoned carts with the help of SMS marketing.

Here are a few templates that you could use:


(Site name): Hey (first name), there’s something you forgot in the cart and it’s now available at a 10% Christmas discount. Only today. Hurry before stocks run out.


Hey (first name), the (product name) you left in your cart is selling out fast. Buy it now before the last 10 pieces sell out. (cart link)

Hi (first name), the (product name) you left in your cart is selling like hot cakes. Buy it now or it will be gone forever. Complete your purchase here: (link)

8. SMS templates to use after Christmas

You might have had many first-time buyers during the Christmas season. And you would have collected their contact details and added them to your mailing lists. Now, it’s time to nurture your relationship with those new customers, so that they keep coming back to your site. Use these three SMS templates to do so:

Ask for feedback

Hey (first name), we’d love to know your feedback about your shopping experience from our site during the Christmas season. Please click here to share your feedback: (link)

Share product recommendations

Hi (first name), we’ve curated a special selection of products that you might like. Check it out here: (link)

Share updates such as new launches

Just in! Our Summer collection is now live on (site URL), (first name). There’s a special discount for our SMS subscribers. Use code SS25 to avail a 10% discount.

Over to you

Christmas is just a few weeks away. Your competitors have probably already launched their Christmas SMS marketing campaigns. There’s no time to waste. Get started with your SMS campaigns right away to make the most of this festive season. To help you manage your campaigns, you can get the TxtCart app on your Shopify store and make these Christmas SMS marketing templates into more sales.

Install TxtCart Now!

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