SMS Marketing Calendar – March 2024 | Key marketing events and holidays for your next SMS Campaign

Supercharge your DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) eCommerce SMS Marketing calendar with engaging campaigns for the month of March 2024. 

Here are 26 SMS templates for your Shopify store’s marketing campaigns that you can simply copy, paste, tweak and send!

March 1st: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Whether your eCommerce store sells food and confectionery or not, you’d definitely want to kick start the month by celebrating this delicious day – Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. If you want to increase SMS marketing engagement with your subscribers, try these SMS templates:


Hey (First name), love peanut butter? We too, and that’s why we’ve collaborated with (Brand name) to offer a free bottle of peanut butter. Buy for $200 or more to avail the offer, only today. Shop now! (Site name)

Hey (First name), love peanut butter? We too, and that’s why we’ve collaborated with (Brand name) to offer a free bottle of peanut butter. Buy for $200 or more to avail the offer, only today. Shop now! (Site name)

March 3rd: World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is observed on March 3rd every year. This year’s theme is ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration’. For brands that support environmental causes, it’s a good opportunity to try out SMS marketing campaigns around wildlife and animals. Here are some ideas you could try:


Hey (First name)! Today is World Wildlife Day. In our effort to support wildlife conservation, we’re going to donate 25% of the profit generated today on our site to (wildlife organization name). Do your bit by buying something from (Site link) today

(Site name): On World Wildlife Day, we’re giving a 10% off on our animal themed t-shirts. Check out the edit here (Site link) and grab the offer. Only today!

March 6th: Oreo Day 

Did you know everyone’s favorite cookie has a day dedicated to it? March 6th is Oreo Day! So what type of SMS marketing campaigns could you run for this day? If your store sells confectionery items, you can build campaigns around Oreo cookies. Or simply share Oreo recipes with your customers.


Heya! Here’s a sweet surprise for you! It’s Oreo Day today and we’d love to celebrate it with you. Share a picture of your Oreo cookies on Instagram and tag us (account). 10 lucky people will win a voucher. 

It’s a sweet day today – Oreo Day. We thought we’d share this treasure trove of Oreo recipes so you can enjoy the day making delicious dishes with your loved ones. Read this blog: (link)

March 8th: Women’s Day 

8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day. No matter what product or service you offer on your eCommerce store, this is a great opportunity for creating marketing campaigns. DTC brands can especially create engaging campaigns to hook consumers. Here are a few SMS ideas for DTC eCommerce marketing calendars.


Women’s Day is coming up. Shower your appreciation on all the women in your life by sharing our special W-Day gift coupons. Available on our site: (link). 50 early birds avail a 10% off. Hurry! 

Happy Women’s Day, (First name). There’s a special treat for you today on (Site link). Get 25% off site wide, only on March 8, 7am to midnight.

March 10th: No Smoking Day 

Every year, No Smoking Day is observed on the second Wednesday of March. The concept behind the day is to encourage people to quit smoking. For your Shopify store, this could be an opportunity to tell your customers how much you care about their health. Try these SMS marketing messages:


Hi (First name), do any of your loved ones smoke and would you like them to quit this habit? We have found the perfect tips to help your loved ones. Read this blog: (blog link) 

On No Smoking Day, help us spread the message of living a smoking-free life. Head over to our Facebook and Instagram account, reshare our No Smoking Day post, and earn 50 credit points in your account. Only today!

March 14th: International Day  of Mathematics/Pi Day 

The International Day of Mathematics is on 14th March. It is also known as Pi Day, because the mathematical constant π can be rounded up to 3.14. While eCommerce stores are usually busy counting numbers such as sales, profits, customers, etc., why not play some fun numbers or math games on this day? Here are some text templates.  


(Site name) Today, on International Day of Mathematics, let’s play a game. We’re giving away free store credits for a number of actions on our site – for logging in, towards purchases, for adding items to your wishlists, etc. Let’s count how many store credits you collect at the end of today! 

Hey (First name), it’s Pi Day today, a day for mathematics and numbers. We’re running a gaming contest on our Instagram page. Participate to win exciting prizes! 

March 15th: World Consumer Rights Day 

On March 15, World Consumer Rights Day, eCommerce stores have an opportunity to let their customers know they care about consumer rights and needs. This day is observed for raising awareness about consumer rights and demands, and to spread the message to respect and protect consumers. 


Hey (First name), today is World Consumer Rights Day. We’d really appreciate it if you could reply to our customer survey here (Survey link), so we can serve you better. It’ll take just a minute, we promise. 

Hi (First name), on World Consumer Rights Day, we want to let you know that we’re here for you always. If you have any grievances, please let us know and we’ll address it. Thank you. 

March 20th: International Day of Happiness

 Observed on the 20th March every year, International Day of Happiness is celebrated to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. As an eCommerce brand, it’s up to you how you describe happiness and let your customers know about it. Some ideas for your text marketing campaigns:


(First name), how could we have not thought of you today on International Day of Happiness. We love seeing you happy and so we’re running a flash sale for 3 hours, today, starting at 12 noon. (Site link ) (Site name):

 They say you can’t buy happiness, but in our store, you can. We’re running a limited period sale on select items in our store. Avail 25% off. Use code Happy25.

March 22nd: World Water Day 

While water is taken for granted by some, it’s a resource that’s depleting day-by-day. Environmental conscious brands can take this opportunity to spread the message and encourage their customers to conserve water.Here are some SMS templates for your inspiration: 


Hey (First name), you’ve known us for long enough and know how much we care for the planet. Today, on World Water Day, we invite you to join us in raising awareness about the importance of water conservation. Share this article (link) with your friends. Let’s save water, together!

Hi (First name), on World Water Day, we’ve partnered with 5 conscious clothing brands that use ecofriendly fabrics that require significantly less water. Check out the edit here (link). Use code 5445 for a 20% discount. 

March 10th: 94th Academy Awards 

While your customers eagerly await the live screening of the 94th Academy Awards this year, help them prepare for that Sunday evening soiree by creating an engaging campaign around it. Try these for your DTC eCommerce marketing calendar.


Hey (first name), we hope you’re all set for Sunday to watch the Academy Awards with your friends and family. Popcorn, drinks, or small bites, we’re having a Buy 1 Get 1 offer on these for 24 hours. Starting now! (Site link ) 

All ready to watch your favorite stars at the Academy Awards this Sunday, (First name)? To shop the latest style trends from these celebrities, swing by our evening wear section. (Site link)

March 26th: Earth Hour Day

 The last Saturday of March is observed as Earth Hour Day. At 8:30pm, people all across the world switch off lights to show their support for the planet and raise awareness regarding taking action on environmental issues. If you’re a brand that is conscious about environmental issues, make use of your contact lists to spread the message. Here are a few SMS templates you can easily use: 


(Brand name): It’s Earth Hour Day today, (First name). Join us in spreading the message to save the earth. Recycle. Go green. Switch off the lights today at 8:30 pm! Together we can make a difference! 

Hey (First name), today, on Earth Hour Day, we’re giving a 15% discount on all our organic, consciously made products. Browse our site to select from a wide range: (Site link). Only today.

March 27th: World Theater Day

 March 27th is celebrated as World Theater Day. Yes, it’s a day to honor all the great actors and writers, but it’s also a day to raise awareness about this beautiful art form, which needs support from everyone to keep it going. Here are some SMS templates that you could send to your Shopify store SMS list.


It’s World Theater Day so why not send a surprise gift to that ‘drama queen’ in your life? Choose gifts for your sister, brother, friend, daughter, son, just about anyone from our gifting section: (site link) Use code WTD20 to avail 20% discount.

 On World Theater Day, we’re sending you to watch a play. Purchase items worth $250 or more and win 2 tickets to (Name of play) at (Name of theater). Offer until March 30.

March 29th: Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

 March 29th is celebrated as Mom & Pop Business Owners Day to honor all small business owners. The idea of this day is to encourage customers to shop from small stores. If you’re a small business, this is your day and it’s a must to include in every DTC ecommerce calendar. Here are some ideas to run SMS campaigns on this day.


Hi (First name), we wanted to say thank you for being our customer and supporting our small business. Today is Mom & Pop Business Owners Day and we’re giving a 15% discount across our site: (Site name)

Hey there! It’s been a while and we miss you. Today is Mom & Pop Business Owners Day and we’d be thrilled if you supported our small business by making a purchase. (Site link) Thanks in advance.  

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