How to Use Power Words in SMS Marketing for More Shopify Sales

power words in sms marketing shopify
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A Primer On Power Words in SMS marketing to drive more conversions and sales for your Shopify store.

Call it conventional, age-old, or ancient, but SMS marketing is just as effective today as it was when it saw the light of the day. With open rates as high as 98% (thanks to the ever increasing amount of time being spent on smartphones), SMS marketing is clearly here to stay for decades to come.

Especially when it comes to eCommerce, SMS marketing is an irreplaceable strategy that works excellently well in driving traffic to a store, helping recover abandoned carts, sharing promotional updates and offers, and so much more.

However, the concerning fact is that SMS marketing is being leveraged by just about every eCommerce marketer out there for the same use cases we are all aware of. In such a scenario, how do you, as an eCommerce marketer yourself, cut through the clutter, stay relevant to your audience, and drive results?

Well, the answer is simple – you make sure your SMSs don’t just convey the message, but also invoke the desired emotion in the reader and make them feel something. How to do that, you ask? That’s where Power words come in.

What Are Power Words?

Power words are nothing but persuasive words that marketers tend to use frequently to evoke an emotion, feeling, or psychological response within the consumer.

They not only grab and retain the reader’s attention, but also lure them into taking the desired action. Such powerful words have the ability to turn any straightforward message into a compelling one that drives action. Put simply, power words can help your SMS stand apart in over crowded inboxes.

Why Use Power Words In SMS Marketing For Your Online Store

Power words are what take your marketing campaign from good to great by ensuring that the intention of the campaign is fulfilled. They urge receivers to complete the task in question by getting the right sentiment across.

By compelling online shoppers to browse, click, or buy, power words can drastically up your SMS marketing game by making your SMS copy absolutely irresistible.

What Are Some Of The Effective Power Words You Can Use?

While there are hundreds of SMS marketing power words that have the potential to boost your strategy, here are a few that are statistically proven to be worth their weight in gold:

To create a sense of urgency

Such words work effectively in conveying to the receiver that the time to take the relevant action is now, and delaying or overthinking might only lead to them missing out on the great deal. These help attract impulse shoppers.

  • Join now
  • Last chance
  • Running out
  • Final
  • Never again
  • Don’t forget
  • Deadline
  • Quick
  • Hurry
  • Limited

To attract those bargain hunters

Such words help attract buyers who are constantly on the lookout for good deals and offers.

  • Bargain
  • Never before
  • Unbeatable
  • Double/Half
  • Cheap
  • Bonanza
  • Save
  • Savings
  • Giveaway
  • Extra
  • Gift
  • Unlimited
  • Affordable
  • Sale
  • Profitable
  • Best price

To attract curious shoppers

Such words help nudge customers who are curious and enjoy exploring exclusive and exciting products or offerings.

  • Exclusive
  • Overnight
  • Secret
  • Shh!
  • Unique
  • Unheard of
  • Invitation only
  • Unusual
  • Wacky

To attract buyers who search for value and assurance

Such words help with buyers who are willing to go the extra mile to get assurance for the quality and reliability of their purchase.

  • Reliable
  • Valuable
  • Extraordinary
  • Proven
  • Savvy
  • Effective
  • Expert
  • Unmatched
  • Best in class
  • Cutting edge
  • Comprehensive
  • Best
  • Thrive
  • Massive
  • Guaranteed

How To Start Using Power Words In SMS Marketing Campaigns

There isn’t any shortcut to creating a winning SMS marketing strategy that uses power words effectively. However, we have tried to summarise a few important steps you can follow to write SMS copies that compel and move your audiences.

Create a draft of your SMS

First, just put together the structure or draft of your SMS that simply highlights all important details. Keep this purely informational.

Try to make it more descriptive

Now, try to make your draft more descriptive. For example, if you are mentioning a product, think of adjectives you can add to describe it. You need to add unessential details here that are important from the point of view of capturing the reader’s attention and making them click.

Add a layer of emotion to your text

Once you have locked your descriptive text, think of a way to make it emotion-first. Here you need to add words that evoke the appropriate emotion or sentiment. It could be a sense of urgency, joy, fear of missing out, thrill, excitement, and so on. Feel free to choose from the list of power words we have shared above.

Try to make your customer feel special

Lastly, try to personalize your messages so you can make your customers feel special. Mention details of specific products they have wishlisted, take cues from their past search history and personalize SMSes accordingly, and make the receiver feel like you, as a brand, care about them. Make sure you completely avoid sending those blast SMSes that are completely templatized and read like just another one of those promotional ones.

Finally, make sure you use a robust SMS marketing tool

Automation is key in today’s day and age. Without automating your SMS marketing campaigns, you can never aim to scale and grow your strategy and drive results. However, when looking for a tool to power your SMS marketing, be sure to opt for one that does beyond just automating your campaigns.

Look for a Shopify app such as TxtCart that allows your team to text and communicate with your customers in real time to add the human touch to your messages. Needless to say, your teams can better analyze situations, buyers’ problems, and motivations, and then strategically use power words to drive action.

TxtCart empowers you to use conversational messaging and power words effectively to uplift the engagement and conversion rates of your SMSes. You can send targeted SMSes to various customer cohorts and converse with them in real time, while carefully placing power words in your copy.

Not just that, TxtCart allows you to keep a tab on all ongoing conversations via a real time dashboard, glean in-depth insights from various conversations, get access to analytics to track revenues from SMS, and closely monitor each important metric. Get started with TxtCart for your online store for free.

SMS Marketing Templates With Power Words

To understand what using power words in SMS marketing looks like, let’s take a look at a few examples templates we’ve created:

Template 1: 

Last chance to win X% off on your favorite products. Head over to <store name> before 10 pm today to avail the offer. <link> 

Template 2: 

Get exclusive early access to <brand name>’s end of season sale starting at midnight. Grab your favorites before we run out. <link> 

Template 3: 

Hey, guess what? The <product name> you requested is now back in stock. X+ shoppers have already wishlisted it. Hurry, go get yours <link>

Template 4: 

Hey <first name>, you’re missing out! <Product name> has been in your cart for days now. Checkout now and avail X% off. <link>

Template 5: 

<first name>, don’t let your cart have abandonment issues! Get your hands on the <product name> and experience best in class comfort. <link> 

Template 6: 

Shh! Here’s a little secret, <first name> – the exclusive and classy <product name> can be yours today! Checkout today to be one of its first few owners. <link> 

Template 7: 

Happy Birthday, <first name>. We wanted to help make your special day even more special. Get the <product name> at half off. Offer expires at midnight. <link> 

Template 8: 

Trust us, you deserve an upgrade. The all new <product name> is reliable and value for money. <link>

Template 9: 

Wondering how to create your skin care routine? It’s like we read your mind! We’re hosting a panel discussion on the subject and we are sure you’ll gain a lot from it. So, sign up today to reserve your spot <link> 

Template 10: 

Is that you, <first name>? Almost couldn’t recognize you with your new look. Get a complete wardrobe makeover at insane prices! <link> 

Like you would have noticed, it is not absolutely necessary to stick to just one power word per SMS. However, never ever overdo it. It’s a very common rookie mistake you want to completely avoid. It’s okay to mix up a few things and experiment, but always make sure you don’t sound too salesy or promotional.

To sum up – You should be using power words in SMS marketing!

Just like all of your marketing campaigns, you need your SMS marketing one to be result oriented too. Power words can help you get there by adding that X factor to each text you send to your customers. However, don’t worry if some of those don’t work out for your brand, it’s important to experiment and keep iterating until you are able to pinpoint the ones that resonate with your audience and make them click.

Ready to see the power of power words in your SMS marketing campaigns? 

Install the TxtCart app today!

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