The Real Hack to Driving More Mobile Purchases This BFCM and Holiday Season: Click-to-Buy SMS

click-to-buy sms

If you’re looking for the best way to boost sales this BFCM and holiday season, read this article on click-to-buy SMS. 

In 2021, mobile sales accounted for 71% of BFCM purchases. This year, the percentage is going to go up!

Mobile shopping is more significant than you imagine it to be. Ecommerce brands are noticing a drop in desktop users; and a rise in mobile shoppers. In 2021, BFCM traffic and conversions were higher on mobile than on desktop.

Mobile commerce sales are set to double by 2025, with a prediction of total sales of $710 billion (in the US). 

But why is there so much confidence in mobile commerce? To understand that, let’s try to dig into the current state of eCommerce mobile marketing.

The state of mobile marketing in the eCommerce industry

68% of online businesses have integrated mobile marketing into their overall strategies. And 96% of marketers who use SMS say it helps them drive more revenue.

That’s because SMS:

  • Helps reach customers where they’re most active—their mobile phones
  • Has one of the best open rates – 98%
  • It has a better clickthrough rate
  • Is cost-effective

However, 26.4% of marketers believe they aren’t using the full potential of SMS. And are eager to learn new Shopify SMS marketing tips to improve their SMS strategies. 

Look at the illustration below to understand marketers’ perspectives on SMS marketing.

click to buy SMS


The problem with the current mobile marketing strategies 

What do most brands do when they run SMS marketing campaigns? Most often, they share links to their websites in the messages.

If they’re trying to promote a product/service, they share a link to the particular product/service page. If promoting the business, they share a link to the website. 

Some innovative brands share links to their apps, while others optimize their websites for mobile. 

While all the above aren’t wrong, they seem to miss addressing the customer pain point — a lengthy process involving a series of clicks to complete the purchase. 

Here’s an example:

click to buy sms

Now, when the customer clicks on the link, it will take them to the website, where they’ll have to go through a long process-

  • Login
  • Browse and select a product
  • Add to cart
  • Click on the cart tab
  • Again select the product to be bought
  • And finally, click on the buy button

That’s at least six to seven clicks. 

Did you know, 26% of shoppers leave sites because of lengthy processes? And the result is low conversions.

Here’s where click-to-buy comes in!

What is a click-to-buy SMS, and how does it work?  

A click-to-buy SMS includes a link to a pre-populated shopping cart. When customers click the link, the product gets added to the shopping cart. That way, they can straightaway buy the product.

Click-to-buy allows brands to tailor the SMS marketing campaign to customers’ preferences. For instance, your data shows that some customers are interested in a red-colored small-size travel bag. 

You can create a segment of those customers’ phone numbers and send a click-to-buy SMS only to them. 

Personalized and targeted click-to-buy SMS campaigns help boost conversions. In addition, it makes the conversion and checkout process faster as it removes many steps/clicks in between. 

Moreover, if the text includes a product image, it  can create engagement and better recall value. For example, 51% of consumers say if there’s an image, GIF, or video in a text message, they’re more likely to buy the product. 

There are many different ways to use click-to-buy SMS.

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Six different ways to use click-to-buy SMS in your marketing strategy

Here are some ways in which you can use the click-to-buy SMS tactic in your BFCM SMS marketing strategy:

1. Use click-to-buy SMS for new product launches

Most businesses launch new products around the BFCM and holiday season time. And hence, there’s a lot of competition. Brands try to grab customers’ attention. Not just that, brands need quick conversions; otherwise, competitors might steal their customers’. 

This is where click-to-buy SMS campaigns can work wonders. With its instantaneous nature, customers can buy a product as soon as they receive the SMS. One click is all it would take customers to begin the checkout process. 

Here are SMS templates you could use:

Hi (customer name),

We’ve just launched our new (product name) for the holiday season, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

For the next 5 hours, we’re giving a 10% discount on it. 

Click the link below, and we’ll add the product to your shopping cart.


Hey (customer name),

The Holiday Season is almost here! Have you packed for your trip yet? 

Check out our curated travel bundle. It covers all the essential travel requirements. 

Click the link to buy it!


2. Target new subscribers

Another way to use click-to-buy SMS is to add new sign-ups to your SMS list. One way to do so is to use your other channels, such as your website, social media, etc. Make creatives to encourage people to sign up to your SMS list in exchange for a discount. 

Pro tip: Text-to-join (TTJ) campaigns 

Once people sign up, you could send them a welcome message along with the discount code. Studies show that 33% of SMS recipients react to CTAs in marketing messages, and 47% end up making a purchase. 

Moreover, you can lay the foundation for a long-term relationship by providing a welcome incentive.

Also, you can monitor the performance of this welcome campaign. For example, you can check which subscribers used the discount and which didn’t. By identifying both these, you can create more campaigns to engage them further.

For example, for those who didn’t use the discount, you can create reminders to urge them to click to buy. 

Hi (customer name),

Welcome to (brand name)! We’re excited to have you. As a token of appreciation, you can avail 15% OFF on our bestseller (product name). 

Use code: NEW15 to avail the discount.

Reply ‘STOP’ to opt-out.

Shop with discount code: (link)

Hi (customer name),

We noticed you still haven’t used your discount code on our bestseller.

The product is running out and soon may not be available. Buy it before it’s gone and your discount code lapses.

CTA: (link)

3. Create personalized campaigns for loyal customers

One of the best ways to use click-to-buy SMS marketing is to target your loyal customers. These are customers who have been buying from your brand for a long time. They like your products and trust your brand. 

You can encourage loyal customers to make more purchases by sending them personalized click-to-buy campaigns. Here are some ideas:

  • Create click-to-buy for products they browsed but didn’t purchase
  • For products in their wishlist that are on sale during BFCM
  • For products that match their taste and interests
  • Create timely click-to-buy for the BFCM and holiday season
Hi (customer name),

Products in your wishlist are on discount in our BFCM sale.

Buy them now before they sell out.

CTA: (link)

Hi (customer name),

The product that you liked so much is now available at 25% discount.

Buy it now! (link)

4. Send click-to-buy SMS to recover abandoned cart

Cart abandonment recovery is one of the best SMS marketing strategies for Shopify stores. Why? Because the average online shopping cart abandonment rate for 2022 is 69.99%. It’s important to try to retrieve these customers.

The solution: combine abandoned cart recovery with click-to-buy SMS. Here’s why it works well.

While standard abandoned cart recovery SMS campaigns help remind customers of the products they left in their carts, a click-to-buy SMS campaign could help boost conversions.

Moreover, you can also include an incentive in the message to entice customers to click on the link. Or, make the offer timely. Again, urgency can help drive more sales. 

Besides, customers love immediacy and fast shopping processes. And that’s the need click-to-buy fulfills. It takes customers directly to the checkout process.

Hi (customer name),

We noticed that you added products to your shopping cart but didn’t check out. Complete your purchase within the next 6 hours and save 10% of the total amount.

Use code 10%OFF to avail discount at checkout: (link)

Hi (customer name),

The item you’ve added to your cart is selling out fast. Buy it now before it gets sold out.

CTA: link

5. Click-to-buy SMS to cross-sell

Another effective way to use click-to-buy SMS is cross-selling products based on customers’ recent purchases. 

Say a customer recently bought a phone from your eCommerce store. You could cross-sell phone accessories such as a phone case or earphones. 

And if you know what kind of products your customer likes, you can personalize the cross-sell recommendation. Then, include the link to add the product directly to the shopping cart. 

That way, if the customer is interested in the product, all they have to do is click on the link and check out. 

Hi (customer name),

Hope you’re enjoying using your new (product name).

To make your experience better, we’ve found the perfect (product name).

Click this link to add it to your cart: (link)

Hi (customer name),

The (product name) can enhance your experience of (product name) that you recently purchased from us. Here’s how:

– Benefit 1

– Benefit 2

– Benefit 3

Buy now: (link)

6. Revive inactive subscribers with click-to-buy

One of the other best SMS marketing strategies for Shopify stores during BFCM is to revive inactive subscribers. 

Products are available at big discounts during the BFCM and Holiday Season sale time. And you can entice your old customers to restart buying from you through the discounts.

Today’s customers want their shopping experience to be seamless, fast, instant, and convenient. For example,

  • Customers don’t like lengthy checkout processes
  • They want to purchase products at their fingertips
  • They expect brands to help them at every step
  • Customers want their shopping experience to be as easy as possible
  • Customers stop buying from brands that don’t provide convenience

If the above were the reasons customers stopped shopping from your site, click-to-buy SMS can come to your rescue. This strategy addresses all these customer requirements.

Providing a link directly to the shopping cart cuts down the number of steps in the purchase journey. In addition, it enables you to serve products ready on a plate.

Ready to get started with your click-to-buy SMS in your BFCM marketing strategy?

Going by the many statistics in this article, it’s clear that SMS helps reach customers where they are most active. 

Although, brands need to shorten the sales cycle.

Click-to-buy is one of the best solutions for this. 

However, to run click-to-buy SMS campaigns for your Shopify store, you must choose the right SMS marketing tool.  

Meet TxtCart – the best Shopify SMS marketing app that thousands of eCommerce businesses prefer.  

The SMS marketing solution ensures automation for timely and fast message deliverability, compliance, and has all the features that help businesses chart a path to long-term success. 

Install TxtCart SMS marketing app on your Shopify store today!

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