SMS Marketing Calendar – February 2024 | Key marketing events and holidays for your next SMS Campaign

Leverage SMS to supercharge your monthly marketing campaigns. Here are 28 SMS templates for the month of February.

We’ve made it easy for you. Copy, paste, and tweak to make it your own and set them up using TxtCart in minutes.

FEB 1 – LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is a month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. Many brands come forward in support of

the LGBT community through special campaigns. Here are some ways in which your brand can show support:


Hey (First name), it’s LGBT History Month and we can’t be proud enough to support our LGBT community. Help us spread the message of inclusiveness by sharing this article: (Link) with your friends and family.

The world is better when we’re together. We’re proud to celebrate February as LGBT History Month. Head over to: (Site link) to see our specially curated items in support of the LGBT community. Shop, wear and make a difference to the world!

FEB 4- World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is an international day observed to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage people for its prevention, detection, and treatment. You can do your bit by running a special SMS campaign to spread awareness. Here are a few templates you can use:


Hi (First name), on World Cancer Day, join us in celebrating all the beautiful people who had to go through cancer. Buy any item as a gift and we’ll send it to cancer charities on your behalf. Shop: (Link)

Hey (First name), let’s celebrate World Cancer Day by making a small contribution to cancer charities. We’re doing our bit by sharing 50% of our sale proceeds with (insert charity name). Help us make a difference. Shop: (url)

FEB 7: Rose Day

Celebrated on the 7th of February every year, Rose Day is a celebration that observes the act of giving roses to loved ones. Rose is a universal symbol of love. To engage your customers, why not run a special rose campaign on this day? We’ll share the text message templates for it:


Heya (First name), wondering how to make the love of your life feel special on Rose Day? Send a gift to him/her from (site link) and we’ll make sure it gets delivered with a bunch of fresh red roses.

FEB 8: Propose Day

Propose Day is celebrated on the 8th of February to propose to your significant other. For brands, this is a great opportunity to engage their customers with

offers and campaigns. You can come up with exciting campaign ideas around the products you sell on your site. We’re giving you some ideas through these SMS templates:


Looking for ways to propose to your crush? You’re in luck! We have thousands of ways on (site link). Nothing better than proposing with a lovely gift! Shop now:

Hey (First name), it’s Propose Day and we’re here to make it exciting for you and your crush. Check out our special curation of gifts and goodies for Propose Day here: (link)

FEB 9: Chocolate Day

The third day of the week of love is chocolate day. Chocolate day is celebrated by sharing sweet treats with loved ones. For brands, this is a sweet opportunity to promote their own products as well

as collaborate with other brands. For example, if your Shopify store doesn’t sell chocolates, collaborate with a chocolate brand and offer a combo of products.


(Site name): (First name), share happiness your loved ones can eat. Buy from our specially curated combos that include a box of chocolates. Get 10% off only today!

Hey (First name), today’s Chocolate Day and we have a sweet surprise for you on (Site URL). Buy any of our brown items – clothes, accessories, shoes – at a 20% discount. Only today! (link)

FEB 10: Teddy Day

Teddy bears and soft toys are a symbol of love and romance. On February 10, Teddy Day, people give teddy bears to their loved ones. Online brands can run exciting campaigns for this day. For example, a free teddy on every Valentine’s Day order, or discount on soft toys, etc. Here are some templates to help you:


Heya (First name), want to make your partner smile? We’ll help you out. On Teddy Day, we’re offering a 25% off on any soft toy on: (Site link) Hurry!

(Site name): Hey (First name), want to surprise your partner with the cutest teddy on Teddy Day? Check out our collection for this year: (Site link)

FEB 11: Super Bowl

Running campaigns around the Super Bowl is one way to engage your customers. Depending on the products you sell on your site, you can run exciting campaigns. Here are some SMS templates, you can easily copy, paste, tweak and use.


Heya (First name), we’re busy enjoying the Super Bowl this evening and hence we’ll respond to all your queries on Monday morning. Hope you’re watching it, too.

Hi there, getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday? We’re offering a site-wide 10% off so you can easily plan your Sunday get together party. Check out our goodies and treats section: (Link) Use code: SB10

FEB 14: Valentine’s Day

One of the most special days for eCommerce sites, Valentine’s Day has seen the highest online sales year-after-year. To make the most of this day and to make your customers feel loved, here are some SMS templates you can easily tweak and make relevant to your brand.


Hi (First name), to make Valentine’s Day special for your loved ones, we’re running a personalized message campaign. Every Valentine’s Day gift you send will reach your loved ones with your personalized message on it. Shop now: (Site link)

(Brand name): Our Valentine’s Day gifts collection is curated to help you spread the love. Send gifts to the love of your life, family members and friends! Grab a 10% off across the collection.

FEB 14: YouTube’s Birthday

Did you know YouTube is the second most visited website after Google? It’s a key part of every brand’s marketing plans. Almost every brand has shared videos, advertisements, promotions, on YouTube. To celebrate the platform’s birthday, here are some ways you could use SMS:


Hey (First name), today is a special day – it’s the day YouTube was launched. Wait, aren’t you following our YouTube channel? Subscribe to (Brand name)’s channel here: (Link)

Hi (First name), to join in YouTube’s birthday celebrations, we’ve put together a selection of our best brand videos for you to watch: (Link) Enjoy watching!

FEB 17: Random Act of Kindness Day

Kindness never goes out of fashion. Kindness costs nothing. Kindness is contagious. Kindness makes the world go around. On Random Act of Kindness Day, spread the simple message and awareness about kindness. Let your customers know you stand for kindness.


Hi (First name), let’s take our journey together forward by making someone’s life better on Random Act of Kindness Day. Read our blog about how you could make a difference today: (blog link)

(Site URL) Hi (First name), on Random Act of Kindness Day, join us in making a difference to our community. Shop from our site towards different causes. 50% of proceeds will be donated towards the cause of your choice.

FEB 20: Hoodie Hoo Day

Hoodie Hoo Day is a day to help people overcome winter blues and prepare them for the upcoming spring time. For brands, this is an awesome opportunity to help their customers celebrate in different ways, depending on the kind of products they sell. Let’s look at some templates:


Hey (First name), as we bid goodbye to the winters, let us welcome spring in all its spirit. To make you smile, we’re running a contest to win goodies from our spring collection. To enter, click here: (Link)

Hoodie Hoo, (First name)! Finally, winter’s on its way out. But are you prepared for the spring? To help you prepare, here’s our spring collection of clothes and accessories in all the vibrant colors you can imagine.

FEB 20: Love Your Pet Day

It’s Love Your Pet Day – a day to love our furry friends more than we already do. Make your customers pamper their pets by running special campaigns and offers for this day. Here are some SMS templates you can share:


Hey (First name), we know you love your pet. And we’d like to make Love Your Pet Day special for you. We hope you shop for your pet from our pet section. There’s a 20% off across the section. (Site link)

It’s Love Your Pet Day today, (First name). While you shower all your love on your pet, we want to make you happy. Enjoy a 15% off site wide. (Site link)

FEB 21: International Mother Language Day

February 21 is observed as International Mother Language Day to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as promote multilingualism.

Now here’s a day for brands to take personalization to another level for their customers. Some SMS templates you can easily use:


Hey (First name), on International Mother Language Day, we’re running a giveaway. Reply to this SMS in your mother language. Tell us why you love our site. 5 lucky winners will get a $200 gift voucher. Reply now!

(Site link)Today is International Mother Language Day. We’d love to know your mother language so we can make our future communication with you in your mother language. Reply now!

FEB 27: World NGO Day

World NGO Day is celebrated on February 27 to recognize, celebrate and honor all the non profit organizations that work so hard towards causes in our society. As a brand, you definitely must be supporting some causes. If you are, think of ways in which you can run exciting campaigns. Collaborate with NGOs related to your business. Here are some SMS templates:


Hey (First name), on World NGO Day, we’re proud to join hands with (Name of foundation). 5% of proceeds from our next month’s sale will go to help them continue the good work they’re doing. To support them, please shop from our site next month.

Hi (First name), on World NGO Day, we’d like to share names of a few NGOs doing excellent work in their fields. If you wish to support any of them, please click on this link and donate: (Link)

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