50+ Best SMS Opening Lines | Copy-Paste Templates for Improved CTR

SMS definitely has an excellent open rate but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all your messages are guaranteed to be opened. In text message marketing, how you start a text message will play a big impact on whether or not it will be opened and viewed. A part of the message will appear in the preview, making it the earliest glimpse into your message a customer gets once they receive it in their inbox.

Hence, crafting actionable and engaging SMS content is crucial for your SMS marketing efforts to succeed. So, here are some of the best SMS opening lines that you can directly start using or experiment with.

50+ SMS opening line templates

A well-crafted opening line can go a long way in gearing your SMS campaigns towards success. But writing good SMS opening lines isn’t as simple as it sounds. To get you started we have compiled a list of high CTR SMS templates for different marketing goals to be used directly or experimented with on your own. Let’s begin.

Promotions and sales

1. Hey [NAME]. Looking to liven up your wardrobe? Our exciting Summer Colors Sale awaits.

2. It’s the season of flowers! Gift personalized bouquets to your dear ones at half the price!

3. Mondays getting to you? Start this week with an extra 25% coupon on office supplies.

4. Hey [NAME]. This festival of lights got a whole lot brighter with our sitewide discounts!

5. Hurry up [NAME]! Site-wide discount of up to 70% on all product categories!

6. Here’s something special just for you. Get 30% off instantly. Use [CODE] at checkout.

Event invitations

7. Hey there [NAME]. We are opening our doors in YOUR CITY! Come join us!

8. Hey [NAME]. Join us on [DATE] for our virtual seminar on Eco-friendly consumer practices.

9. [NAME]. We are hosting a Meet-and-greet with our finest designers and you are invited!

10. Ever wondered how the magic happens with our products? Now you can find out for yourself!

11. Come see how the experts do it! You are invited for [BRAND NAME] factory tour.

Welcome messages

12. Welcome aboard [NAME]! You’re now officially part of the [BRAND NAME] family.

13. Welcome [NAME]. At [BRAND NAME] expect nothing but the best deals tailored just for you!

14. Hello there [NAME]! Thank you for joining the [BRAND NAME] community.

15. Greetings [NAME]! We here at [BRAND NAME] are happy to have you. Welcome to the family!

16. Hello and welcome to [BRAND NAME]. Only the best deals and finest products await you!

Customer appreciation

17. Hey [NAME]! Thank you for being an amazing customer. We appreciate having you here.

18. Hello there [NAME]. Thanks for being the best part of our day, every day!

19. To our incredible customers: thank you for your unwavering support and trust in us.

20. [NAME]. We are sending a big thank you on your way along with an exclusive discount coupon.

21. Thanks for being an awesome customer! To express our gratitude, enjoy 30% off on your next order.

22. Dear [NAME], your loyalty is the cornerstone of our success. Thank you for choosing [BRAND NAME].

Feedback requests

23. Hey [NAME]. Your opinions are what makes us great. Could you spare a moment to share your feedback?

24. Hi there. We are constantly looking to improve and so we’d love to hear from you.

25. We are committed to providing you the best. Please take a moment to share your experience.

26. Hey [NAME]. Help us grow with your valuable feedback. Tell us how we can improve.

27. Hello customer. We are eager to hear about your experience shopping with us.

28. We here at [BRAND NAME] value your feedback. Share your experience with us and help us improve.

Holiday greetings

29. Greetings [NAME]. Warmest thoughts and best wishes from [BRAND NAME] to you and your loved ones.

30. Hey [NAME]! Season’s greetings from ours to yours. Have a wonderful holiday!

31. Hello customer! Season’s greetings and the warmest wishes to you and your family!

32. [NAME]. Enjoy this Christmas with the best prices on all winter wear.

33. [NAME]! Wishing you and your loved ones a Diwali filled with love and light!

34. The [BRAND NAME] team wishes you a very joyous holiday filled with love and laughter.

Customer support

35. Hey [NAME]. Thank you for reaching out to [BRAND NAME] How can we assist you?

36. Hello [NAME]. We see that you have a query related to a purchase. How may we assist you?

37. Hi. You have reached [BRAND NAME] support. Tell us what you need assistance with.

38. We have received a support query from you. Please wait till one of our agents reaches out to you.

39. Thank you for reaching out to [BRAND NAME] support! Our agent will get to you shortly!

40. Struggling to set up your new product? Here is a video guide to help you out!


41. We are conducting a survey on improving our customer support. And we request your valuable input.

42. Hello [NAME]. We need your opinions to improve so could you take a minute to answer this survey?

43. Hey [NAME]. Could you take a minute to answer this quick survey and help us improve?

44. Greetings customer. Having a boring Sunday? Answer our fun survey and help us improve.

45. Greetings! Like to point out how we can improve? Take this quick survey and help us get better.

46. [NAME]. We hope you have a few minutes to take this survey and help our brand improve.

Order Confirmation and shipping updates

47. ORDER UPDATE: Your order has reached the hub nearest to you!

48. Hey [NAME]! We have received your order [ORDER NUMBER] and are currently processing it.

49. Your order [ORDER NUMBER] has been confirmed and will be shipped within 24 hours.

50. Hello [NAME]. Your order has been shipped on [DATE & TIME]. Track your order here [LINK].

51. Hey there [NAME]. Your product is out for delivery. Reach out to our delivery agent using [CONTACT INFO].

52. [NAME]. Exciting news! Your order has been placed and it will reach you on or before [DATE].

Best practices for crafting compelling opening lines

Templates can only do so much in terms of improving the quality of your SMS open lines and SMS content. Following the best practices for crafting compelling opening lines can ensure that your text messages will have a positive impact and stand a better chance of being opened and eliciting customer action.


Most of the effective SMS campaigns will incorporate some level of personalization in order to connect with customers at a more meaningful level. It is always ideal to start your text message by addressing the customer. However, personalization can be taken a step further by using customer data on their interests and preferences to further craft opening lines that have more impact.

Offer value

Nothing beats the compulsion and appeal that a deal with particularly great value has to a customer. If you are sending out a promotional message to customers, providing an exciting offer or a discount, make sure that you clearly convey the value in your SMS opening lines. If the value isn’t communicated to customers in the right manner within the opening line, there is a chance that the message might not be read, defeating the whole purpose of the discount or offer in the first place.

Create FOMO

Another good practice in making intriguing SMS opening lines is to tap into customer psychology to your advantage. Create FOMO with your opening lines by using information on limited-time sales, limited-stock products, special events etc. The prospect of value which, without rapid action might be missed out, can in most cases compel customers to act. These opening lines can be simple but have the potential to pack a lot of impact.

Create a sense of Urgency

Much like creating FOMO, creating a sense of urgency with your opening lines can have an equally powerful effect on customers. This can simply be done using the power of time in the right way. Phrases like “Selling fast” or “Hurry” can add in to the effect, and in scenarios where you have to send out promotional or abandoned cart messages, this can be particularly effective.

Invoke curiosity

Another customer psychology-based approach to improving CTR is to invoke curiosity in the customer with the first line. Humans are naturally a curious bunch and by creating a witty or enticing opening line that sparks the customer’s curiosity, there is a higher chance of the message being opened and acted on. In this way, SMS opening lines can start with a joke or a first line that indicates a juicy deal further into the message.


The above SMS opening lines can be a great place to start making your text messages more appealing. You can either directly copy-paste the templates or use it as a foundation to build your own smart and attractive opening lines.

The key here is in experimenting. Even though the templates we have provided can most likely, help in achieving better CTR, there is no easy way to really bring in immense success with your campaigns unless you are willing to experiment. To improve your SMS marketing campaign’s open rate and CTR in a much more positive way, constantly try out different types of opening lines and measure the impact of diverse strategies and changes to better understand what works for you.

TxtCart can help you track this with an excellent analytics dashboard, providing you insights you’re your campaigns’ performance and impact.

Get started with TxtCart today!


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