Best Postscript Alternatives for Shopify SMS Marketing 2024

Best alternatives to Postscript

Looking to cut through the noise and engage customers faster? SMS marketing is your solution. 

But to tap into the power of SMS marketing, you need features as advanced as those for email automation and that’s where Shopify SMS marketing apps come in. 

If you’re on Shopify and have been using Postscript, but are seeking the best alternative to it, this post is for you. 

What is Postscript and its features?

Postscript alternatives- Postscript

Postscript provides services in SMS marketing, sales, and CashBack offers, making it a versatile tool to engage customers, drive purchases, and build loyalty. Postscript’s dedicated team of SMS experts, integrated platform, and transparent metrics ensure it’s the go-to choice for Omnisend alternatives for businesses looking to maximize their SMS marketing efforts.

Key features

  • Build a compliant subscriber list with opt-in tools—including website popups, checkout collection, shareable landing page links, and back-in-stock notifications.
  • Deliver personalized messages with robust segmentation, filtering, tagging, and response branching features.
  • Provide the right offer, to the right subscriber, at the right time with behavior-based message branching within your Campaign and Automation Flows.
  • Offer tailored post-purchase experiences designed to drive brand loyalty and repeat orders.


  • Starter– No monthly fee
  • Growth– $100/month
  • Professional– $500/month
  • Enterprise– Contact team

Best Postscript alternatives for Shopify SMS marketing  

Now let’s take a look at the best Shopify apps for SMS marketing that can serve as Postscript alternatives: 

1. Txtcart 

Postscript alternatives-  Txtcart

TxtCart is a robust SMS-based solution designed to recover abandoned shopping carts for businesses. As a Postscript alternative, It offers competitive features, including a swift 1-click setup, unique one-time discount codes for cart abandoners, custom cart short URLs and real-time monitoring of ongoing conversations, to provide valuable insights.

TxtCart enables businesses to engage customers effectively with one-time SMS campaigns for new product launches, special offers, sales, and more. It offers features like customer segmentation, MMS, GIF support, and re-engagement campaigns, making it the go-to solution for implementing SMS marketing strategies.

TxtCart’s intuitive dashboard makes it a top choice as a Postscript alternative as it offers deep analytics to track customer opt-ins, live-agent responses, SMS campaign orders, and opt-outs.

Key features

  • Customer segmentation allows to personalize campaigns with behavioral data like past interactions, previous purchases, spend power and more.
  • Set up reminders and win-back texts for specific customer segments on TxtCart.
  • See how many shoppers opt-in, respond and convert on your campaigns to iterate quickly to get maximum conversions from every conversation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Shopify apps CartHook, ReConvert, Zipify and more.
  • Shopify integration auto-syncs with your store seamlessly to capture customer information at the right time.
  • TxtCart follows the US TCPA and GDPR and automates compliance in the background.


  • Starter– $0/month
  • Growth– $49/month
  • Pro– $299/month
  • Enterprise– $999/month

2. SimpleTexting

Postscript alternative-  SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting allows users to create automated texts, utilize personalized messaging, and collect data for tailored interactions. With an intuitive interface, it enables easy broadcasting of messages to your entire audience. As a Postscript alternative, this tool not only facilitates mass texting but also encourages two-way conversations through a dedicated business number.  

Key features 

  • Instantly communicate with large groups for effective audience engagement.
  • Professional, dedicated two-way messaging for business interactions.
  • Schedule automated texts and integrate with various apps seamlessly.
  • AI assistance, templates, link tracking, and self-cleaning contact lists.


  • 500 Texts- $39
  • 1,000 Texts- $59
  • 2,000 Texts- $89
  • 3,000 Texts- $119

3. Emotive

Emotive is a conversational SMS marketing platform tailored for Shopify eCommerce businesses. As a Postscript alternative, the platform provides over 600 templates for pushing product drops, announcing sales, and converting abandoned carts into sales. 

Key features

  • Build your brand voice, respond to inquiries via SMS messages, and launch products with Emotive’s conversational text message marketing software.
  • Emotive’s compliance team will help guide TCPA, CCPA, and CTIA best practices. 
  • Leverage human sales associates to have dynamic conversation SMS conversions at scale.


  • Emotive SMS– $125/ month

4. Omnisend

Postscript alternatives-  Omnisend

Omnisend streamlines omnichannel marketing for e-commerce, offering integrated SMS and email marketing functionalities. Seamlessly combine SMS with email and push notifications in automated workflows for personalized customer experiences. With pre-built automation workflows, hassle-free campaign setups, and transparent pricing based on SMS credits, Omnisend empowers users to engage customers effectively across the globe.

Key features

  • Combine automated texts with email and push notifications into a single automated workflow and provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience.
  • Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS (text-only messages) sending so that you can reach your international customers.
  • Collect your site visitors’ phone numbers by making use of SMS list-building tools: pop-ups, teasers, landing pages, and Wheel of Fortune. 
  • Set up a flash sale or promote the newest items with precisely targeted SMS or MMS messages.


  • Contact the team for pricing information.

5. Birdeye

Postscript alternative-  Birdeye

Birdeye offers MMS capabilities, automated triggers for campaigns, and a unified inbox for managing conversations across multiple channels. As a Postscript alternative, Birdeye’s comprehensive suite includes reviews, referrals, surveys, and insights, empowering businesses to elevate their online presence. 

Key features

  • Enhance engagement with attention-grabbing text messages using images, emojis, GIFs, and PDFs.
  • Enables requesting reviews, referrals, and surveys from a single intuitive platform.
  • Facilitates segmenting the audience and tailoring texts for enhanced engagement.
  • Allows for personalized 1:1 conversations and handling multiple communication channels from a unified inbox.


Contact the team for pricing information. 

6. Cartloop

Postscript alternatives-  Cartloop

Cartloop, an SMS marketing solution, goes beyond traditional marketing by fostering genuine customer relationships. Their conversational SMS approach and real-time analytics ensure efficient campaigns. Integrated with major platforms like Shopify and Zendesk, it offers personalized experiences, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to humanize the shopping journey and boost customer loyalty.

Key features

  • Define your audience based on location, text interactions or purchase behavior attributes.
  • Conversational Flows create the perfect balance of advanced automation and humans-in-the-loop to supercharge customer satisfaction. 
  • Live Shopping Concierge Team guides your shoppers at every step of the buying journey. 
  • View conversation insights results from the Cartloop dashboard to make more informed business decisions.


  • Contact the team for pricing information.

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7. LiveRecover

Postscript alternatives-  LiveRecover

LiveRecover is a dynamic solution designed to help businesses recover lost sales by utilizing personalized SMS outreach powered by live agents. As a Postscript alternative, it seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing tech stack, ensuring no disruptions to the current setup.

Key features

  • Fill the Knowledge Base with product and company FAQs to help your live agents answer customer inquiries quickly.
  • Custom workflows to make it easy to segment based on specific customer and cart information.
  • Live agents convert your abandoned checkouts into customers through a one-to-one, personal conversation via text message.
  • Dive into performance metrics by Workflow and A/B Tests, as well as product-specific performance and orders generated by live agents.


  • Startup– $9/month
  • Growth- $49/month
  • Pro- $199/month

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8. SMSBump

Postscript alternatives-  SMSBump

SMSBump is a robust component of the Yotpo SMS & Email platform, serving as a pivotal tool to enhance revenue and sales generation through impactful SMS and email marketing campaigns and automation. The platform’s advanced segmentation, analytics, and integration capabilities empower brands to foster meaningful interactions and boost conversions. 

Key features 

  • Monitor important metrics from every engagement – such as revenue, ROI, orders, costs, and subscriber growth.
  • Build narrow consumer segments with 40+ data points to target shoppers based on demographics, product preferences, and buying behavior.
  • Maximize shopper interactions with multi-channel subscriber collection tools like keywords, QR codes, sign-up pages, and more, ensuring impactful results across various platforms.
  • Create on-brand pop-ups, footers, and floating buttons in just a few clicks.


  • Free plan 
  • Growth– $19/ month
  • Prime– $59/ month
  • Powerhouse– $199/ month

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9. Avada

Postscript alternatives-  Avada

Avada enables effortless SMS number collection via sign-up forms, supporting MMS, pre-made templates, compliance features, detailed reports, and flexible pay-as-you-go models, fostering global acclaim from businesses and individuals. As a Postscript alternative, the platform offers free migration from other tools, such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend, and Active Campaign, with attractive discounts for switching to Avada. 

Key features

  • SMS Automation available in events: Abandoned carts, welcome subscribers, order follow-up, cross-sell, up-sell, etc.
  • Seasonal campaigns like Black Friday, Christmas, or any sales events in your stores can be shortly and instantly informed to customer phones.
  • Avada email marketing supports up to 150 countries to send SMS. 
  • Full reports for your SMS Automation and SMS Newsletter.


  • Free plan
  • Pro– $16/ month
  • Advanced– $47/ month
  • Enterprise– Custom pricing

10. Attentive

Postscript alternatives-  Attentive

Attentive harmonizes SMS and email experiences, enhancing customer engagement and driving revenue. It thrives on personalization, fostering brand affinity, and gaining insights into customer product preferences through two-way SMS conversations. 

Key features

  • Use engagement data to segment audiences and create tailored messages for each subscriber with dynamic content. 
  • Instantly generate and schedule high-performing, personalized, multi-touch experiences and recurring sends that fit your brand voice and tone.
  • Collect preferences using keywords or numbers that trigger a reply.
  • Monitor the impact of your marketing program with accurate attribution by viewing results in real time.


Contact the team for pricing information.  

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11. Firepush

Postscript alternatives-  Firepush

Firepush revolutionizes marketing strategies with a comprehensive suite covering Email, SMS, and Web Push Messages for Shopify. Offering instant connection through SMS retargeting, Firepush enables quick setup of high-impact campaigns and intuitive automation, including abandoned cart recovery and customer segmentation for personalized offers.

Key features

  • Create high-converting one-off SMS campaigns in seconds, perfect for flash sales or time-sensitive campaigns.
  • Offer white glove customer service with our workflows and templates for SMS marketing.
  • Target customers based on money spent, number of orders,  and many other filters. 
  • Use Firepush’s detailed campaign analytics, which includes ROI, revenue generated, and conversion rates, to optimize SMS campaigns and increase sales.


  • Basic– Free up to 250 contacts
  • Pro- Free up to 250 contacts
  • Enterprise– Custom pricing


When it comes to finding the best Postscript alternatives for Shopify store businesses, Txtcart stands out as a top choice. 

It is meticulously crafted to align with the unique business goals of Shopify stores, offering both prebuilt and customizable automation solutions. 

With innovative features like two-way SMS marketing campaigns, Txtcart empowers businesses to engage their customers effectively. 

Ready to elevate your SMS marketing game? 

Install the TxtCart app today for better results. 


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