11 Best OneText Alternatives & Competitors

11 Best OneText Alternatives & Competitors

Looking to boost engagement beyond emails? SMS outperforms with higher open rates, CTRs, and conversion rates. If you were looking for OneText alternatives to breathe life into your SMS marketing strategy, here are the other competitive solutions you can opt for.  What is OneText and its features? OneText is a powerful SMS marketing tool, increasing […]

13 Best Prime Day Marketing Ideas for E-commerce Businesses

Best Prime Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Businesses

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is happening on July 20 and 21 in India. Of course, one needs to be more creative and proactive with their strategies to stand out and drive more conversions.  Below are the top 13 Prime Day marketing ideas to help drive your campaign, hence more sales during this mega event. 13 […]

A 365 Day Holidays Food Calendar for your F&B Business (2024)

A 365 Day Food Holidays Calendar for your F&B Business

Many F&B businesses think they lack opportunities for SMS campaigns, but we’ve got you covered with 365 days of food holidays. Leverage these special days to engage your customers year-round and boost your marketing efforts effortlessly. Here’s how you can make the most of each day. Monthly food holidays  Here is the list of monthly […]

50+ Spring Marketing Ideas for SMS Campaigns

50+ Spring marketing ideas for SMS Campaigns

The spring season is just around the corner and that is the cue for marketers to gear up to create interesting and unique campaigns. As the days grow pleasant and vibrant, it is the best time for marketers to engage customers with creative SMS campaigns and improve revenue. In this post, we will discuss some […]

11 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify 2024

Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

eCommerce brands have a lot of different ways to communicate with their customers—be it email, social media or live chat.  But SMS marketing continues to remain one of the most successful mediums to convey enticing discounts, showcase product offerings, and provide customer service. Unlike emails, SMS messages have proven to be more effective in reaching […]

SMS vs WhatsApp Marketing: What Should You Use for Shopify Marketing?

SMS vs Whatsapp marketing

The blog provides a comprehensive comparison between SMS and WhatsApp as marketing channels for Shopify stores. It elaborates on the unique features, benefits, and limitations of each platform, helping businesses decide which channel aligns with their marketing goals. One of the most common communication channels that has stood the test of time is SMS. It […]